One command to run Lutris + EA/Origin in one launch

I finally got Crysis 2 and 3 to work within EA/Origin via Lutris

Now I want a single shortcut, per game, to double left click within my Games folder ( where all my shortcuts to games are) for each of these games. I already have Lutris autostart when I boot up my Mint 20 cinnamon 64 bit PC.

I’ve tried doing a compound command in terminal to test and see what works, but I get this weird error with using the command below

lutris ; wine start /unix ‘/home/user/Games/origin/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Origin Games/Crysis 2/bin32/Crysis2.exe’

Error message is in the picture I included

I use wine start /unix /pathtothegame’s.exe file command type for witcher 2 and witcher 3 and they work flawlessly.

I assumed since I must use launch Lutris and them double left click on Origin to launch Origin that IF lutris isn’t already launched that this should work. Also just for kicks, tried it while Lutris was already running and got the same error message.

I have the feeling I’m missing some important stuff in the total command’s content.

Help please?

Runner Options in Lutris for Origin is lutris-5.7-5-x86_64 (default)
Enabled DXVK
Enable Esync
— System options tab==-=
Prefer System LIbraries is enabled
Restore Resolution on game exit is enabled

Xephyr Fullscreen is enabled

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I don’t know why you’re making it overly complicated on yourself.


Depending on how the specific installer is written you might have to edit the argument it passes to Origin to start the game directly. You will need the game’s Origin ID for this. How you can get it and how the argument works you can find here:

As for why you’re getting the error: You didn’t specify the WINE prefix it’s supposed to use so it’s using the system-wide WINE-prefix, which you installed neither Origin nor the games in.

On a side note:
Even if you were to get it to run with whatever you’re trying to do there, all these options would not have any effect whatsoever:

Because these are all loaded by the Lutris wrapper that is started when you double-click a game in the Lutris main window, or when using the Application Menu Shortcut created by Lutris.

I don’t want a shortcut to Origin. I want a single shortcut that launches Origin and auto launches a specific game WITHIN origin on one single or double click action. But figuring out what the compound command is…is the mission.

“Create application shortcut” only will create a short cut of that single application, in this case…Origin from what I’ve already tried so far. I’ll check that link tomorrow after work. Thanks for the info.

Which is why I added:

You will have to pass an argument to Origin to directly boot into the game.

The best thing to do would probably be installing a second Origin for the other game though because Lutris cannot make a distinction between two games using the same prefix (to my knowledge), that’s just not how it’s designed to operate.

I didn’t understand what you meant by argument part. I thought I could just create a compound command and, test that in terminal. If it worked, then I could create a launcher for that and call it a day. ( sigh). I guess what I prefer is too complicated to do or at least for me

I’m not installing another Origin. That makes no sense and seems like pointless waste of space to do what I want to do ( no insult meant)

I might just buy the Steam versions of crysis 2 and 3 ( unless comes out with them first) and call it done then.

I appreciate the info though regardless.

Those basically just give you the game on origin and a entry to launch origin in your steam library. Just like ubisoft games on steam that require uplay.


Please tell me you’re joking. I was thinking it would give me the same ability to just right click on the game, select " manage" and “add desktop shortcut” in which that would launch me directly into the game.

Nope, not joking, I am not a fan of steam allowing this, but they are in it for the money, so it is to be expected.

That won’t work because you can’t hook any terminal command into Lutris. Your command (whatever it does) starts either before or after Lutris does, but it can’t launch in between Lutris (the client) and the Lutris wrapper (that actually starts the game).

Here is what you would need:

This is for Uplay obviously, but the idea is the same.

Once you set both games up you can use the Application menu shortcut or the lutris lutris:rungameid/XX that it uses.

You don’t have to install another one, you can just install it once and symlink to every other game that needs them.

I’m doing the same with Uplay. I installed Uplay via Lutris, but never actually use it. I just symlink the installed files to the games that need it. So you have individual prefixes per game (like it’s meant to be used), but only one Uplay installation.

hmm interesting.

How do I symlink a game from Origin? When I right click the game within Origin, it doesn’t give me such an option ( which makes sense because I wouldn’t assume EA gave Origin the same rightclick-context power menu as available in native Ubuntu-based mate and cinnamon file managers like caja and nemo)

I wish I could see EXACTLY the command(s) that show up in terminal when I launch origin and then immediately launch the game from within origin. Then I maybe I could figure out how to create this one launcher shortcut I’m aiming for.

You don’t, and that’s also not what I said. I said you symlink the installed Origin to every other game. As in, every other game prefix.

Essentially you would have 3 separate prefixes:

  1. Origin (and only Origin, nothing else), that hold the actual Origin installation.
  2. Crysis 2
  3. Crysis 3

When installing Crysis 2 and 3 from Lutris it would first install Origin, because that’s just how the installers work. But after the installation you can remove the Origin files and create a symlink that points to the files in the Origin Prefix. That way you don’t have multiple installations, but still separated prefixes.

You won’t, because Origin is not using the Terminal in the first place.

This is in the Stackexchange article above. For Origin it is origin://launchgame/ID, where ID is the Origin ID of the game. The article also tells you how to find it. That just goes into the “Arguments” field like in the Uplay screenshot above.

“When installing Crysis 2 and 3 from Lutris it would first install Origin, because that’s just how the installers work.”

I’m sorry that is where I got lost. Because in order for me to install crysis 2 maximum edition and crysis 3, since I bought them both from EA/origin, I have to install it from within Origin. So how is lutris installing 3 total copies of Origin then?

“But after the installation you can remove the Origin files and create a symlink that points to the files in the Origin Prefix. That way you don’t have multiple installations, but still separated prefixes.”

How is it possible to actually run the game then without Origin installed when Origin was the core program used to install the games to begin with with the help of Wine info managed by Lutris? This makes no sense to me.

“you can just install it once and symlink to every other game that needs them.” That is why I thought you meant create symlink to every one of the Origin-based two games. Which, I’d love to be able to do, but when I tried that ( as in actually navigating via the file manager TO the game’s correctly working exe file, either nothing happens or I get this weird Origin pop up error acting like Origin is broken or not installed.

I guess I’m just not smart enough to figure this out even with help

Sorry I just now looked at the provided installers on the Lutris site, seems they don’t actually have the Origin version there so it doesn’t work like explained. Sorry for the confusion. That’s not to say it’s not still possible though.

To show you what I mean let’s take Blizzard’s games instead (just as an example).

And then there is also the installer separately with no game:

When you look at their install scripts you will see that all install the client in their own WINE Prefix (if you don’t know what a prefix is, just think of it as a separate windows installation). The reason they do this is because each installer applies some game specific fixes that might interfere with the other games, so it’s better to just separate them. This does create some overhead in installing multiple client of course, but that can be fixed with a bit of fiddling.

You can (and should) do the same with Crysis even when they don’t have their own install script for the Origin version. For that you can just right-click your Origin in Lutris and select “install another version”. That will create a new prefix and a new entry in Lutris that you can then use for Crysis 2 and 3.

Of course all these will just install Origin too (which you can then remove and symlink, see below), and you will have to install Crysis 2/3 from within Origin. But the advantage (again) is that you can apply game specific fixes if need be, and do what you actually want which is a direct link to start Origin and the game directly with one shortcut.

Because you’re removing the files, but then readding them using a symlink. A symlink is essentially a small file that points to another file. So for the purpose of executing it in WINE, it is still there, it just doesn’t take as much space because in simple terms it is just tells WINE where to find the executable file.

Again, this is an example of Uplay, but the idea is the same:

[[email protected] Program Files (x86)]$ pwd && ls -l
/home/tarulia/Games/assassins-creed-unity/drive_c/Program Files (x86)  ## This is the prefix for Assassin's Creed Unity, which installs a separate version of Uplay
total 20
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 tarulia tarulia   61 Jul 23 02:28  Ubisoft -> '/home/tarulia/Games/uplay/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Ubisoft'  ## This is my "pure" Uplay installation with no games installed in it

Note that it says Ubisoft -> [...]/Ubisoft, this basically tells WINE to look in that other directory and take the executables from there.

I’m not sure what you linked where so I can only speculate. But from what I can tell you only symlinked the game exe files, which won’t work, because they can only be executed from within Origin. If you execute those (even on Windows), they will just start the Origin client. The problem with that was probably that it couldn’t find the Origin install where it was expecting it. From what I can tell you basically linked the wrong way around.

Don’t worry, the idea of separate prefixes and why Lutris does it the way it does is lost to a lot of beginners, and then throwing symlinks into the mix doesn’t make it easier :wink:

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