ONE+1 So this happened

Woke up this morning, stumbled over to my PC, fell down into my chair and went about my daily routine of checking my email... imagine my suprize..



And then..




The main reason for this post is i assume a whole new batch has been sent out so those who havent yet got an invite don't panic.




Someone on the OnePlus forums ended up giving me an invite because I helped him out with something

 I'm also part of the club with mine ordered and on it's way :P 

I just created an account for OnePlus. How do I sign up for the invite? Do I just cross my fingers now or is there an alternative method?

Would either of you be so benevolent as to share the invites you get from purchasing with other forum members?



Every member on the forums is in for a chance of getting invited from what I can tell. Best way to get them is help people out on their forums and just general interaction. straight up asking for one tends not to work.

Also keep an eye open on the OnePlus forums for official giveaways and contests. 

wish i could get one :(