Once build is complete whats next

Firstly I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum. This weekend I will have all the parts to make my first build. I have done enough case study that I should be ok for putting this all together.

The only problem I have is, I cant find any information (well not good info) on dealing with the bios, loading OS, drivers etc etc.

I dare say that this might be simple and also there might be some excellent information within this site. I however have not been able to locate this info.

So can somebody please head me in the right direction as to where I can find this. reading documents or short video's either or I am not phased.

Thank you all inadvance.


It's simple, but tedious. Most drivers can be found from the motherboard manufacturer's website. Download them, and install. Most drivers are in the form of installers. Some manufacturers even have utilities that can install and update drivers for you, including the BIOS.

well this post is actually quite helpful considering im also about to start my first build. I was under the impression that i could just build it, install the OS and go whats with all this about bios and drivers and such?


Best thing for someone new to BIOS's, computers, etc.. Is to just look around. 
Go through the menu's and see what you can do. On your part, all I'd think you would have to do is just pop in a Windows DVD drive and boot your computer- and it would start by itself. If it doesn't do that, go to your BIOS and find "Boot priority" and change the DVD drive to be the first boot priority.  

thats just when loading your operating system right? after that you dont want the boot priority to be the optical drive or am i wrong about that? also, whats the deal with the drivers? I thought all of this would be automatic

Look up newegg how to a build a pc part 3 On youtube. Literally goes over jusset his exact stuff. 

I just built my computer this past Saturday and this is exactly what I did and what I would do better next time.

Before you even build the computer have these on hand, either on a DVD or a USB.

First have a working copy of an Operating System.  I used MSDNAA (Dreamspark) and their dowloads are so broken up my Windows 7 didnt even have a language pack and it failed.  Thing to take away from here, no matter how you aquired your operating system make sure you are positive the install works by having a legit copy or something a friend already has used which is what I had to do.

Go to your Motherboard manufacture's website and download the drivers you need for you operating system.  Depending on your OS it may not come with basic drivers you need to get on the web and download all the drivers to the new computer.  Best practice is to have it on hand already.

Do the same for you graphics card if you have one. Go to the AMD or Nvidia website and download the latest driver.  If you are running integrated graphics make sure its part of what you download from the motherboard manufacturer's website as well as your CPU manufacturer's website.  Its usually a large file so having it on a thumb drive ready to go will save you from looking at 360p on a 1080p monitor for an hour while you download the driver.

What I ended up having was a USB drive with just the OS on it to boot from and then another USB drive with all the drivers to get me started.

Once you have all of this ready you can get started.  From here on out I would just watch the Newegg How to Build a BC Part 3 on Youtube like DudeThatsBryan suggested.  Its a step by step guide to changing boot priority and Windows setup.

It is pretty straight forward, just time consuming.  Best option is to be prepared and things will go smoothly.

Hope that helps.


I just watched the newegg video, very helpful thanks. Here is a link for anyone who needs it so you dont have to search for it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxaVBsXEiok