On Blacklight: Retribution

So the PC i have is new, I have not had it for a long time. Not long ago, I downloaded Blacklight: Retribution. And my question is. Have you bought something, or have you just played and waited to get 6000 Game Points to buy something.

Because I'm thinking about buying 5000 zen right now.

Ah, Blacklight: Retribution. Almost 700 hours of time I have sunk into.

Anyway, when it comes down to it, you do not need the zen to be good at the game. All of the items can be bought with GP, which is easier now than it ever was. You can easily make a few thousand GP just by completing daily missions and also earn a lot of XP in the same manner, so getting to the higher level items is nowhere as difficult as it used to be.

If you really do want to get some items early, by all means buy the zen. It's just not necessary if you can wait and earn it. I haven't dropped a cent on the game and have reached the highest level (50) with many items and currently about 52k GP left to spend. I am pretty good at the game (well, good enough to actually get a beast mode kill streak of 20 and 0 once in a blue moon) and I actually use the default weapons you get when first playing. There is no need for better guns or parts if you can learn to use standard stuff, which isn't bad at all. The armor and equipment is what I tend to buy, but, again, it's all stuff that can be acquired with GP.

Zen, in my opinion, is best used for buying the cosmetic stuff, like camos and heroes, or maybe even some permanent stuff that you can't get with GP. There just isn't a need for using it on normal gun parts or armors. Not to mention, you can rent items fairly cheaply, premades aren't that bad, and there are free guns/heroes every week that are worth trying out at least.