OLED - Best practice question

As mentioned in another thread I have purchased a G9 OLED and was wondering about the following:

It offers a “Peak Brightness” setting which can be set to “Off”, “Medium” and “High”. Only with it being set to “High” does it hit 1000 nits in small windows. However, when setting it to “High” the overall screen becomes less bright than with it being set to “Off”. (I have set the screens general brightness to 5 out of 50 and it is still bright enough for my taste.)

Now, I am wondering if “High” is fine from an OLED health perspective or if setting it to “Off”, which would lead to the monitor not being able to exceed 400 nits no matter how small the window. The overall screen seems to be brighter with this setting though.

Or is this something I do not need to worry about and I can keep it at whatever setting I prefer?

I don’t think it’s something you need to worry about, these things have pretty aggressive brightness limiting to protect the panel so it’s only going to let you have small bright highlights for a small time, no where near long enough to do any damage. For HDR you’re definitely going to want peak brightness set to high.

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Yeah, this sound reasonable. Especially given that bright spots are at different areas on the screen and - as you have said - only for a short time.

Thanks for confirming my assumption, I just wanted to multiple-check my opinion :slight_smile:

I recommend setting peak brightness to below 90. I have it set to 86 on my LG C2. Thia will give you more time before ABL kicks in and should have a less agressive ABL.

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There is no 90, just “High”, “Medium” and “Off”.

Interesting. Check the r/oled subreddit. There shoukd be some tv/monitor setup guides for specific models to help you dial in optimal settings.

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The peak brightness setting is different to the ‘backlight’ setting (I can’t remember if they still call it that on the OLEDs). It’s what let’s the panel go way brighter when displaying HDR.

For HDR you want to set the backlight (or whatever it’s called) to max and peak brightness to high for the best image. For movies at least almost everything will be well under 100 nits with only small and brief bright highlights. Games can be different depending on how you’ve set them.

The reason why setting the peak brightness setting lower results in an overall brighter image is because it’s changing the tone mapping curve with the new peak brightness value, resulting in more compression and thus a less contrasty image.

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