Older AMD Build.. Advice on GPU

right guys, I know this is probably a very first world problem but I have quite a bit of spare hardware and I’m building a mate his first PC to game on. Hes a big console gamer and has pretty much every console from 1991 onwards.

Leftover parts I have from rebuilding my own gear are going to make up the pc (which I have now built) along with a couple of new items ive picked up to finish it off.

AMD A8-3850 APU Quad core
ASUS F1A55mle matx board
8gb 1333 ddr3 (2x4gb)
new 128gb SSD
160gb Old xbox hdd
500w psu
new MATX cit f3 case

XFX R7 260x or Sapphire R9270x
I have both GPUs and ive put the 260x into the build. All is well and its ok. 1.9tflop card so xbox one s performance and the PSU has just a single 6 pin which is perfect for the little card.

Question is do I bang the 270x in? Its got 2x 6 pin plugs. Id need to run an adaptor on the psu to suit.
Should I buy a little adaptor and put it in or would it be pointless and wasted on the a8 3850?
I know with the igpu the a8 is just an Athlon of some sort but I don’t know which one.
Can anyone advise me on if its worth it. Have you had or do you have a similar set up?

if you can get some higher quality adapters then the 270x would be perfect for 1080P settings. with that cpu faster ram would be nice ala 1800 with tighter timing or higher than 1800 with slightly looser timing . but over all build will work great for what it is. a cheep effective game box.


According to the SeaSonic PSU calculator, you are looking at ~400W powerdraw with the 270X
I´d say go for the 270X, really neat for 1080p gaming.


This is never a good idea imo. The power rails are designed for the amount of pins it has. You can do it if you want, but it’s not designed that way. Or do you want a molex/sata->6-pin ? Might work too.

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As a proud owner of 270X and 760K (the next generation Athlon after the mentioned 3850), I can tell you you are looking way under 400W. With a bunch of fans, two hard drives, RGB, all kinds of stuff, I am nowhere near 400…

It all depends on the game.
In cities skylines for example my cpu is 100% while the GPU is resting. But yesterday I checked out Hand Of Fate 2… Ultra quality 99% gpu usage, 2 cores at 60% usage, the other 2 are resting… So no, it will not be a waste.

Also keep in mind this:
R9 270X currently outperforms RX 460, 560, GTX 950, 960, and 1050…
If you need equivalent to see the performance, I would say 1050Ti is where 270X is…

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Update to the build.
I got an adaptor 6 pin in to dual 6 pin out.
The sapphire 270x performs WAAAAYYYY better than the 260x even on the little A83850 chip.
My pal already has steam.
Hes playing the division, rainbow 6 siege and absolver already and legit seems very happy with his rig. He’s still using a controller though!
I’m not sure what settings he is running but I haven’t heard him complain as yet.


Of course…
270X is the stuff of Legends. The entire 200 generation and even the 7000 generation aged amazingly well. 270X currently performs on par with GTX 770, that used to be Hugh end…
The largest issue with 270X is the lack of the modern features, such as freesync, FRTC, Chill, etc etc… If it had that - I would guess it will be as famous as 9550 back in the day.

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There’s probably some way to mod a bios or the driver to do this though, because my 390 supports freesync (or at least it’s in the driver, I can’t activate it because no FreeSync monitor) and stems from the same generation of chips. So I’d imagine it’s probably possible somehow with a lot of fiddling.

270X is rebranded 7870 - older generation GPU. 390/X is refined 290/X, and 290/X are new generation, not rebranded old gen stuff…
Basically 260/X and 290/X was the new cards. Later on 285…