Old Youtube

This isn't exactly a topic but more of a way to get the old youtube back. I'm not sure were i should put this so i'm just tossing it anywhere.

To get the old Youtube layout back go to youtube and open the console(ctrl+shift+i) then paste this in as is

document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=qDpUsBNO0FY; expires=Thu, 2 Aug 2020 20:47:11 UTC"

after that restart chrome or firefox.

As far as i know this only works for chrome and firefox, maybe someone else has some way to get it for other browsers?


I can't get this to work. I dont do coding of any sort and have never  worked in the console area. Can you get some screenshots going or something? Help us noobs that desperately want the old youtube back :P Thanks

there's a few videos on youtube that you can find try this one.


how about this one?


and this one?


i'll take some pics and edit later but hopefully this'll help

there is one that i made.. it doesnt bring the old layout back but it does fix the sub-boxes to actually show you your subscriptions videos..



forgot to mention.. only works with chrome / safari / any other browser that uses a visible bookmark bar


Alright this no longer works as of January 9th If anyone can find another way please post. hinthintwinkwinkLOGANoRwENDALhinthint