Old/new system =) Plz give some advice

Hi all,

I posted at this forum over 7 months ago for advice but didn't made the buy... it's a budget build  and it's pretty much the same i picked 7 months ago apart from the video card, case and psu. I think its solid, just don't know if the psu i choose'd has enough wattage for this system (with OC). Its mostly for gaming( ex: BF4, diablo III, etc etc etc). I would like opinions about the PSU and overall system. If you guys would change anything in this build feel free to speak :P Probably won't change to Intel due the low budget and since its just for gaming AMD will do just fine.




Thank's in advance for all the help =) 

We seem to have very similair builds, I'll give you my opinions on each part: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/2c3rb (My Build)

CPU: The 8320 is the best bang for your buck you will get at around that price range. It's generally pretty good, I don't really know how to compare CPUs, but the upgrade is minimal to the 8350 and intel processors are rip offs until i7, especially when it comes to gaming.

CPU Cooler: Really good cooler, quiet and very efficient.

MOBO: Good, the M5A97 which I got is a complete ripoff over the pond.

Memory: Can't say anything about that, all RAM is very similair, as long as it works. The Kingston 8GB is pretty nice too, a bit cheaper and it's very reliable. The price difference is small, but it will have practically the same performance so you may aswell go for the kingston.

Storage: Good. That's all I can really say, it does it's job and is reliable. 

Video Card: I think you must have done some research on this card, so you already know how good it is for the price. I doubt I need to go into detail on the quality within this badboy.

Case: I, personally, am not a big fan of white cases as for them to fit in nicely you need everything to be really white and it's awkward to buy everything in white. The interior looks nice.

PSU: Ah, The PSU. I think a 550W would definatly be cutting it VERY close with OC, I see no reason why not to upgrade to 650W. It will handle it confortably and will not cost you too much more, considering you can't do anything without enough power. I recommend the PSU I used in my build:


Overall, this is the build I would recommend you switch to. It's around the same price with the case I like, but the case is really entirely down to you. There are loads that have really nice interiors, so judge it on the exterior more. But make sure you check the interior is good too. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2cHNa

Use his system but with this PSU http://pcpartpicker.com/part/antec-power-supply-hcg620m ANTEC is a lot better PSU maker than Fractal w

I will change the power supply to a better one, probably the antec. Will have to stretch the budget a bit but i prefer to be safe. @Rzturn fractal case its pretty nice :P Thanks for the replies guys!