Old HDD repair?

I have and old 80gb drive (2.5 inch) that's like 6 years old. it was slowing down and giving me issues so I replaced it and now I want to know what are good programs to check the health amd repair sectors on it? I reallwant to use it as an external drive but dont want to risk lost data for being néglagent and not checking if the drive is healthy enough to keep being used. 

partedmagic, Linux distro

Those drives (mechanical) are ment to spin. So I wouldn't trust something that sat idle for past few years ...

Even if tests turns out OK you never know

It has been inside my lap top running daily for hours. 

Thanks thanos! Will try^_^ 

no probs man, just so ya know you can wack it on a usb stick to boot from. if you need to know how to get it going just ask.