Old HDD for new build?

Okay so I've got all of my parts together for my new build and am scavenging a few things from my current rig, including the hard drive. I've got ~850gb worth of files on it including Windows 7 and such. So, this may sound like a noob question, but can I literally just take it out of my old rig and throw it in my new rig with out any problems/errors occurring (I really don't want to have to wipe it and re-install all of my games and lose all of my school documents)? Thanks in advance

*Btw, it's a SATA drive*

It is best to reinstall, if you try to boot windows from another PC you will get a blue screen.  You could get a second HD or SSD install windows on the new drive then use the old hard drive for storage.

I think on an epsode of inbox Logan said he got a windows install to work on a new PC but it had a lot of problems so he had to reformat

You could try using sysprep on the HD then move it to your new computer, I have never used sysprep on real hardware only virtual machines so I don't know how well it will work.

Yeah, that's what I thought. Thanks for your answer. Good thing I have a 1TB external HDD handy :D It's just gonna be a pain in the ass to move all my games to and from since I have ~300gb worth of games on my current drive..