Old games, I forgot the names of them

Having a poor childhood moment. What is this game in this picture. Also having a few games that I can't remember the name off and its bugging me. I'll explain each one.

  1. This ball racing game that was very pixely and blurry where you are in a ball and raced.
  2. this car racing game that is of the otherworldly futuristic type which I think I looked up online a long time ago and it got bad reviews of it.
  3. This Astronaut game that was named Cobot or something along those lines where its a very boring game of being an astronaut somehow i liked it when i was a kid.

Much appreciated guys.

The picture is either Little Big Adventure or its sequel, LBA2/Twinsen's Odyssey. (I don't know offhand which one that particular picture is from)

Don't know about the others though.

Is the first one Marble Madness?

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