Old beater remote start mod

well I’m back at it convenience modding my beater

My nicer car lives in the garage my 20 year old work horse gets to stay in the driveway. I though ya know ide like to be able to remote start this bitch so I hit up alibaba and got a kit. Well china lied to me, what they actually sent was was a remote keyless entry kit with door locks, a trunk release, power window roll up and a panic button.

Well fuck you China I did apply for a refund i’ll probably get it once the main site stepps in but I think i’ll go ahead and install it anyway with a mod so it will do what I want. Heres ma plan.

I have already bypassed the anti theft system so my car can be “hot wired” I plan to sacrifice my trunk release button in favor of auto start. In order to accomplish this I am going to purchase two relays a latching relay to emulate ignition on state and a five second delay relay to crank the engine, have those be thrown obviously by the trunk release button.

I might consider instead of the latching relay a longer delayed one, if I could say find one that stays on for like 20 minutes that way any accidental presses will not keep my car going indefinitely, to do that right I feel like some logic might be necessary though and and that sounds like more work. I might also instead definitely use the latching relay and also replace my ignition with a totally lacking in security push to start button for no reason outer than shits and giggles. Either way I go I would probably add some kinda kill switch in line with the ignition on relay so I can turn my car off if I lose the key fobs or maybe a relay gets stuck.

Please reply with thoughts and possibly a better implementation if you have one. Usually I just do it my way anyway though cuz yeah.


I wouldn’t do a hard 5 second crank… Better to have it “look” for a crank or ignition signal over crank speed to indicate a successful start then disengage and limit it to the 3-5 seconds if it is unsuccessful to let the starter rest a bot before trying again. I believe that is what most generic remote start modules did.

Also might want a switch for the hood to make sure it doesn’t engage if you’re tinkering with the engine.

I’d be interested to see where this project goes. A long time ago I made a relay latch to keep my radio on until I opened my door on my old Jeep. I added a 555 timer to kill it after about 20 minutes though it drifted a lot with temp probably due to the lack of quality of the components I used…

Yes the thought of putting wear on my starter did occur to me but its not a super important car to me. Usually the delayed relays have a range of how long they will stay closed that you can set so I think i could reasonably safely get by with setting it to about the average crank over for that car and if it fails try again manually, I could also put a regular relay on instead and just hold down the button while watching out the window.

Okay I think this will be my plan I can purchase a basic push to start module for $8 similar to what i would spend on relays, I can easily set this off using the keyless entry system that way I don’t have to reinvent the wheel building my own logic circuits and I don’t have to rely on hoping for the best that a timed method won’t end up ruining my starter or flywheel.

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