Okay to (slightly) over-volt RAM?

Okay, around June, I have reported black screens and subsequent restarts here in the site; I recently tested the CPU, mobo, and PSU on different test benches to rule in which causes my crashes.

Then it came to me that it was the RAM that I neglected (since it past MemTest countless times, I thought there was no problem); tested with different sticks and had no crashes that I used to in Prime95 or any other stress test.

Then returning my own RAM back in the system, true enough, in less than a minute of the stress test (Prime95) it crashes into a black screen and restarts.

I then RMA'd my RAM 2 weeks ago and got a fresh batch today; I eagerly placed my RAM into my system and then tried Prime95, and to my dismay, it crashed again, this time a full blue screen of death.

Luckily, I tried a little something that I read while I was waiting for my new RAM, that is, slightly over-volting my RAM.

The RAM I got is the G. Skill Sniper 1600 1.25v series, I read that this RAM may not be able to run properly in my motherboard (Asrock Extreme 4 Z77) in the marketed 1.25v. I then Upped the voltage into 1.4v, lo and behold, Prime95 is running without any crashes.

Now here comes my REAL QUESTION, is it just fine and dandy to have over-volted my RAM to 1.4v when it was marketed at 1.25v? It is running stable with no crashes... They (where I read this trick) said it was alright so long as it is stable, but I trust you guys more than that site where I read about over-volting in the first place.

Sorry for the long message btw


Gist of my System:

CPU: i7 3770

Motherboard: Asrock Z77 Extreme 4

RAM: 2x4GB G.Skill Sniper 1600mhz

Strange. They should be able to run at their native rated voltage. I have downvolted my Corsair 1600MHz 1.65V rated modules to 1.4V (1520 MHz) and they are stable. Try 1.30V, 1.35V and 1.40V, and see if they maintain stability.

I tried running it at 1.25v again, and yes, it crashed.

I actually tried that; 1.3, 1.35, then 1.4v. Crashed at 1.3 and 1.35 but stabilized at 1.4v.

However, I again, tried it at 1.3v just now, and so far, no crashes.

I survived 2hours (I know it should be like half a day or something) without a crash with the 1.4v; I'll try to see how far this system will go at 1.3v.

I'm guessing I'll stay away from 1.25v and if this 1.3v is just as stable as that at 1.4v, then I'll leave it at 1.3v.

Surely, I shouldn't worry about a 0.05v increase from native voltage, right? Or should I worry after all? LOL

Well, normal Sniper's are at 1.5 volts. They could be using diffrent chips for the lower voltage RAM. They should be testing the lover voltage - higher frequency RAM modules but I'm not sure if G.Skill does that.

Alrightee, had 8 hours worth of prime 95 without a crash when I volted my RAM to 1.3v.

Persistent as I am, I tried it at 1.25v and it crashes no matter what.

So I guess, I'll just leave it at 1.3v since it is at its most stable even if it marketted at 1.25v...