Ok so some people know about myanimelist

I wish there was a site like that for science fiction tv and movies..If you don't know what myanimelist is I will post mine so you can get an idea..This list in incomplete I always find something I forgot to put on there..
Well here is my list, and here is the site..
So what do you guys think??Would this be cool or just a waste of time..
Edit: This may be a dumb idea I am tired..(operating in mild delirious mode)

I am not sure the MAL concept can be supported by other media segments because there is so much competition for that position for the english world already. Sites like http://thetvdb.com fill the void that almost everyone has of getting summaries. The sections of maintaining lists and ranking things is really of the obsessive types which i tend to see in the anime viewers than normal people. (hence I think anime cant become mainstream with the current social values)

I really think anime has become or is becoming more mainstream..I realized this thread I created is rather dumb..I just had a quick thought it would be nice to have list of the sci fi that I had seen..I was tired, I know I could just make an imdb list or something..
Edit: I am sure there are plenty of obsessive types that watch the sci fi genre..

what i found really odd though was that with your list, there are no scores. You are not even using one of the basic uses of the site. It is fine to do so, but i am a little bit more completion-istic and must score everything

(i also dug into the CSS a little bit)

Yeah my views/rating on a series can change over time so why rate it..I have been watch anime so long it is ridiculous..lol
I wish i could make a complete list..I just can't remember it all..