Official Reveal Trailer for Blade Runner 2049 Just Dropped

I'm not sure how I feel about this...

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Hmm, we'll see. But this continuation seem to make it difficult for the idea of Deckard being a replicant. Maybe the new guy. ;-)

Oh, a bit skeptical of the casting of Gosling in this role, but we'll just have to see here too.

I'm a little disappointed they are going the sequel route instead of a stand alone movie. Feels too much like a cash grab. However I do like that they aren't trying to do age defying CG on perhaps this calls for cautious optimism?


it's That Gun!

Well if you asked me I would think any sequel for Blade Runner as the worse idea ever.

Yet the cast is great, Villeneuve is the best director for a film like Blade runner (Especially after Arrival ) and visually it looks great.

Yeah it does a bit spoil the whole ¨Is deckard a replicant?¨ question, but i guess that does follow the novel were he was definitely not a replicant. As long as the story is equally intelligent and meaningful this might be actually good.

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It's directed by Denis Villeneuve. It's going to be good.

I think Gosling is actually a really good choice, the thing that worries me is Ford coming back again and how they might shoehorn him in there. It's possible that Deckard will be awesome, I think Ford has it in him if the writing is good, but reserving judgement. Definitely the sounds and music in the trailer got me hooked though.

You mean like Rogue One or more of an anthology film that takes place in the same universe but unrelated story?

Hey look old man han solo.

Yeah no. I'll keep the old one thanks. And the fan games. There was a Deus Ex mod to make it all BladeRunner :P

Maybe a little of both? I think an unrelated story line would be neat to see though. Although with Old Deckard...this very well may be unrelated.

I never watched Blade Runner. what is the original film about?

I think Harrison is trying to end all of his characters... Calling Deckards death.

Could be good. Some weird things I heard about it though were the directory saying they were somehow closer to an independant film with this one, despite a big distributor or something. Not entirely sure if he means budget (which seems like they would need a pretty big one for this), staff, or just ability to do it how they want.

Director also reported they used very little Green Screen to make the movie. Not none, but he said he could "count on his fingers" the number of times they used a green screen, and that they opted in most situations to setup real sets and such. For a major futuristic sci-fi, that could be a nice sign. Or we could go see it and find out it simply didn't need anything more due to everything taking place in a couple simple rooms or something, I don't know.

I really don't want to be excited for this movie, as movies now a days have been awful foucased grouped mass market "passable" movies.

But watching the trailer... I am, I must now not pay attention to anymore talk or scenes so that my little heart, what's left of it, is not crushed to dust by the ravaging of what's left of my childhood nostalgia