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*Official* Post your Steam/Origin Profile here!



Hey, anyone want to add me on steam ? same name as on here :3 Fire away!



Linux Gamer here, =) Feel free to add!




Feel free to add me. I'm barely playing anything these days, but usually on for a social :)

As for Origin, search Immortality23, pretty sure I'll pop up somewhere....



I play a lot of CS.



I don't understand the people who have 300+ games in their library. Most people don't even play all of them. To me it looks like a hoarding complex and waste of money. I have about 20 games in my account and half of them are either free-to-play or were given to me as a gift.


Feel free to add me up


It would be cool to play some games with the community, not to mention I am quite bored, and also have nobody on my steam who plays these games. If anyone would like to play these with me, message my steam account or drop me a message on here.

Here is my Steam Account:

Feel free to add me anyway or if we share a game that you'd like to play with someone give me a message!

Also play GTA V a lot.








Sure thing big boss man