Official New Xbox and PS4 Specs

Hey guys. I own AMD stock and was reading some new articles about them today and it had the officail specs of both new consoles. I thought I'd make a video and share it with you guys :) 

well if these are indeed the CPUs they are going to use then that will narrow down the GPUs they will use

a lot of you keep forgetting 3 limiting factors of hardware in a console

  1. Power Consumption, the PS3 was probably the biggest power consumer and it was under 200w
  2. Heat, the PS3 was also one of the warmest consoles, the Heat sink was massive, so the CPU and GPU can't be too powerful or else it would gennerate too much heat
  3. Price, you can't put a 300$ GPU in a 200-300$ system and expect profit, the PS3 nearly destroyed sony since it cost about 800$ for a 400$ console, its likely that No one will pull a stunt like that ever again

assuming its still using 32nm that puts it in the 65-95w CPU range at 1.6Ghz so that leaves about 50-100w lefter for the GPU so considering the price, heat, and power consumption it will probably be a HD7750

considering the PS3's GPU was a modified 7800, with low level access it should be plenty to hold the console market

look at the numbers not the line graph since they are in two different ranks


now look at final fantasy XIII, aside from plot and gameplay, its a damn beutiful game and its running on a 7800 and 256MB of graphics ram, now imagine a 7750 with low level accecss, real high resolutions, better AA and AF, fancier graphics and less loading screens (possibly)