[Official] L1 Devember Minecraft Server! Vanilla Survival + Build Contest

Build Submission — Picard: 240, 70, 120


damn! I want to see it! might waltz over … thats pretty cool

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Build Submission: 2020



Hard to tell from the picture (far away), but is that a dumpster fire? :smiley:


@Engle Lol, yep!


@GigaBusterEXE thanks for reminding me. @kreestuh @et.Al (lol)
The primary work thats been done since you last saw it is a lot of attention to detail and the interiors are nearly complete. Also removed stuff that broke immersion. Added trees, Job blocks… Villagers at dock house… Market… (villager market)… etc. Tried not to feature/build creep too much. Full time career+competition dont mix well lol

Build Submission:


762 88 236

**Name: Skaagi Village **
Build Theme: Viking-esque

Pictures (for all those in game who never got to see it - or for those who dont have MC :slight_smile: ):

Tower Pics

Multiple Views - Different Floors


Wall Entrance

Train Station -- Under Christmas Tree

As thematically appropriate as possible. Golden spike armor LOL

Mead Hall

Long Hall (main hall)

The Great Hall

Blacksmith - Sindri (still needs details)

Boat and Docks/Dockhouse

The boat was rather difficult (took 5 tries)
Villagers keep dying :roll_eyes:

Enchanting Area/Gateway to nether

No detail spared even the portal. Tried to incorporate new biome blocks

Christmas tree (yes it blinks) - For december

Hus Torleif - House Torleif

Hus Bjarni - House Bjarni -- Secret Entrance

I have a secret crypt style entrance to our infrastructure rooms. I ask they are not entered as they were just used for construction and do break the immersion of the build hence being underground


Hus Eydis - House of Eydis

Market - Margadh

Getting the villagers in was fun :wink:

Collapsed Ice Tunnel over River

Exhausting but cool

Torp-Seter -- Farm House

Villagers keep dying :roll_eyes:


notes: Yes all snow blocks were hand drawn and farmed. (part of the reason burn out started to occur). Biome was engineered for the build so it was more… thematically appropriate lol.

Meadery still in progress as well as a few other buildings. Details being finalized.
Ancient Lighthouse/Tower still in progress. Details being finalized.
Bee Farm still in progress MIGHT combine with meadery. Details being finalized.

System Specs (to save time – also in profile):

Ryzen R7 1700X ASUS ROG STRIX X370F-Gaming || 16 GB G.Skill Trident X RGB (Samsung B-Die) || Gigabyte Windforce Geforce GTX 980 Ti (G1 Gaming) || 2x 1TB WD Black || Samsung 840 Evo 500 GB (Sata) || Samsung 960 EVO NVME 250 GB || Phanteks P400S White - Tempered Glass Operating System: OpenSUSE Tumbleweed (Linux) || Seasonic Platinum Series 760W

(Specs soon to change. Trying to build a server so darn bad)

No laptop :sob: . Really do need one since I work on the go but I am waiting to see what this coming year offers. Its such a bad time to buy one. RTX 3K, You got AMD on both fronts. Will just lose desktop to it being a server :wink: More information on what I am up to at (obligatory thread shill): PhaseLockedLoopable ( Table of Contents)

P.S The build is best viewed in the snow /weather rain

Thanks for this guys. Happy new year it was a lot of fun. Hope the minecraft server can be kept


FTFY :slight_smile:


@Noodle777 exactly how many times did you shit yourself?

Im lucky I have wings

Thanks! I’m embarrassed that I didn’t notice that… it’s been corrected in game, thanks again!

I’d figure I could post some glamor shots of my entry, which is the region including most of my builds. Still located around 130, -260, in no particular order:

"The Old Hotel"

Walks into Hotel

Why the long face?

Nobody’s staying at my Hotel :frowning:
(You only get it if you’ve been there)

Contains 5 rooms for guests. Every Room contains enough storage in the form of shelves(3 chests are hidden in every room), and some crafting utensils.

"The Tiny House"

Overlooking spawn to the west, and my buuutiiful region in the east, on top of a grassy hill, this tiny house is in a top spot!
You’d think it would be affordable at the size that it is. You’d be wrong! Basically only a rich tech CEO can afford it. They are also the only ones that can get internet up here.

There is also a little known secret in there, if you can find it…
You can reach it from the inside.

"The Hole"

This is my latest build. Might not be finished by the time this ends.
Fancy underground apartments, themed after some mix between traditional asian house design, and modern house designs.
It’s kind of hidden, but quite large underground.

There is a staircase, near a tree close to the hole.

"The Tree of Life"

This tree was created by me placing down blocks, mostly at random. No pesky nature involved in the creation of the centerpoint of my builds. In fact it required me to continuously murder trees in my surroundings to gather wood and leaves.

Entry hidden at the bottom, under some leaves and vines.

"The Guard Tower"

This guard tower looks over my area and spawn, making sure no mob engages in “unwanted behavior”.

It would never be used against the great citizens of this minecraft server!

Although you have a pretty good position from up there…

"The Shed"

This tiny little shed looks like it’s only used for storage. But no, I live on here. Actually I have all my resources, crafting supplies, enchantment setup, furnaces, brewing supplies, etc. in here. There is even a nether portal. Ok, a tiny little bit of it is under ground. But this is definitely the tiniest base I’ve ever actually used in Minecraft.


A few things I did recently on the server:

  1. Built the Community Resource Centre & Donated 16 shulkers worh of stuff, including Diamond Tools & Weapons

  2. Added soul soil to the Upper Nether Highway for fast travel
  3. Built a (meh) Spider Statue for a WIP Spider XP Farm

    As a bonus, creepy cat watching me sleep

Here are the Coords for my build “Jurassic Park” - Theme Park

X= -143.331
y = 80
z = 145.139
facing East

Gives you a good view of the place and from there just walk up to the front gate.

thanks! :slight_smile:

you got some WeIrD FOV going on my dude

I modified your path near my place. It broke the immersivity if the bay so I rekt the fuck out of it and made it a tunnel :wink::wink:

My none fancy hole in the wall with simple piston doors is at:
-339x 581z

Mostly just that and the “elevator” lol.
Also is a link to my pc parts picker in the PC Specs good enough if now, is there a link to another thread to make it pretty

I use 100 minimum if I have the option. Anything below 90 gives me motion sickness. But when you combine that with speed II it gets weird. Add soul speed (I have a section like that at my base), and it’s ridicilous.

This is 105 FOV + Speed II + Soul Speed III


No problem. I know it was ugly. I usually fly or portal anyway, path is just for fun.

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I think you can turn off dynamic FOV then it won’t even do that. not sure if that is an optifine setting though lol


It is and I have Optifine. But I like it actually. It makes it easier to notice speed effects.