[Official] Devember 2022!

Hi all, For this year’s Devember I will try to build a project I call “Flipgif”.

Flipgif lets the user create a 10 second doodle, renders it to a .gif, and then creates a sharable link to send to whoever they like.

Read more about it here!


Hello everyone…
I started my project already while waiting so I am some part in.
I will try and tag it with the proper tag.

My Devember project is a small management videogame about managing and creating your own whisk(e)y distillery.

Best of luck to all Devember participants :slight_smile:


My Devember project is to create a website that will allow the user to set up custom timers and put these timers in a loop, mainly with the goal of metering rock climbing work outs

A Simple Man’s Attempt at Devember (and a Timer)


My December project is to work on my custom game engine, Canis, along side a small tower defense game.



“Hey, uhh, they’re all starting to do the thing on their own this time, we should probably put the thread up now.” - The L1T crew, probably

TL;DR: Writing a bootloader that will mirror anything that can be treated as a storage device, hopefully containing an OS, onto a RAM disk and then try to boot from it.

Obviously more to it than that, and a bunch of generic utilities being made along the way, but that’s the idea.


My Devember 2022 project is going to be a raspberry pi/arduino powered PDU for my homelab rack.


Just signed up to try out the Devember challenge

  • My project is aimed at learning self-hosting, SSO, automation and containers by attempting to build and self-hosting platform with integrated single sign on and service management.

  • My other project is aimed at learning building GUI applications and flatpack packaging by building a graphical user interface for my fork of tlbx script which creates containers for working on projects(just like fedora’s toolbox).

Hello everyone,

My #Devember2022 project is to build a simple app to pull an RSS feed from a local newspaper and have it print the major articles from it on a network printer. A bit strange I know but I go it greater detail in my post.

~ I still need to link my GitHub on the post.

A very (hopefully) Discord to IRC relay chat bot written in Python.

Howsit, thought I might suppliment my #devember2021 effort (brutally simple firewall) with something that has been weighing on my mind recently (fs=filesystem)

a hybrid filesystem, that can be used to interpose between a fs startpoint and fs endpoint(s) (files and/or directories), used as RAM only fs (re/create on mount), or create compacted inode compatible fs for traditionally sparse (read: wasteful) inode fs structures (eg1 web server user and/or hostname tree and subree structures.) (eg2 IPv4/IPv6 catalog as filenames)

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My Devember 2022 project is to investigate and time willing, is to create a deep fake of the L1 crew announcing my win of Devember 2022. [Important Edit: As per my post linked below, I promise I will contact anyone whose likeness is used in this research before releasing any output be it stills, videos, models or highly novel code.]



Hello, I’m probably breaking the rule here by trying to do something too ambitious, but hey - I have to start somewhere.

The main idea is to use my laptop as a keyboard device for a second PC via USB type-C. I have no idea what I’m doing.


My Devember project to create a toolchain to populate and update a mastodon instance with stock trades of US politicians.


For my Devember project I’m taking the “not too ambitious” policy to heart. Last week I made a RESTful, SQL based “leaderboard” web service for a casual game I was working on. I plan on expanding out the features on that service, and making a web front end so that other game developers could use it.


My Devember project this year is creating an AI that can ‘read’ (transcribe text from an image), but with all the flaws of the human vision system.

I also plan on continuing my Devember project from last year (coding a CPU Simulating Engine), on the side.

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The thread was written but wasn’t published. I didn’t want to step on toes, in case they were waiting for a video to come out announcing it.


My Devember 2022 project is writing an application that generates a work log and emails it to an email address. I’m a novice so I expect to learn a lot from this project. I’ve never used github before but, if I make one for this I’ll be sure to share a link to it.


My Devember 2022 project is a subset of my larger Ansible project. My goals are to document, comment and push my inventory role and host collection to Github. This totals 11 roles and one lookup plugin.

I imagine I will make some minor changes to the roles as I revisit all of them, but the primary focus will be on documentation, comments and formatting.

Better late than never. I pushed several commits tonight. This is incremental progress on an ongoing project so I don’t think it makes sense to compete against other Devember projects. It was just an excuse to get some work done. FWIW, the software management role was written entirely during the Devember2022 period, so I guess that could be considered my Devember goal.


My Devember2022 project is a DIY home NAS that will be able to serve as a personal cloud storage solution.

additionally spending an hour each day learning to code.

DIY NAS and Home Server / Learning to Code for Devermber 2022

I’m hoping to accomplish a little bit more then just installing TrueNAS and calling it a day, I would like to explore “infrastructure as code” by storing any configuration changes that That I make by in a program on a USB stick so when I blow something up and need to start over from scratch re-configuring everything will be easier.

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My Devember project is to make a flipbook in minecraft to play the bad apple video. Apparently this is a huge internet thing that I’ve only just now discovered?