[Official] Devember 2021, Welcome!

My first Devember! The final goal is to create a sorting program while learning python and machine learning stuff.


Forum Link: https://forum.level1techs.com/t/developing-a-useful-lunch-time-recipe-rating-app-grocery-order-bot/178095

I am trying to develop a smart lunch recipe bot to make predictions on what my teenagers might be willing to try.

I am really writing this app to help me learn more about modeling and AI. I have BS in Computer Science, but I am working on bushing up on my skills. Last few years I have been really focus on the kids and work, looking to bush up my development skills with mobile apps.


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I heard you like Risc, so I put risk in your Risc…

Here I attempt to “get good” at C/SV/Linux for a change.

What I am doing:

  • Create custom Risc-V Emulator >> Hardware.
  • Dynamically cluster Risc cores as an user instance.
  • Good instance accessibility, probably over IP.
  • Having fun!!



Forum post: https://forum.level1techs.com/t/devember-2021-what-to-watchlist/

Goal: Combine services from “The Movie DB” and “Privacy.com” to make a service I’ve wanted to see for too long.

Updating Linode server with progress weekly what2watchlist.com:3000 just pushed a good update.

I’m a developer who intends to be productive but has been down too many youtube rabbit holes during covid.


Here is my devember project. I aim to create terminal graph visualizer and editor(simply draw.io but in console).

And here is my first update demo


My Devember project is a continuation of last years Devember project

I am essentially making/rewriting a CPU Simulating Engine, most of the changes will be ‘under the hood’ (less duct tape), get some core features working (IE performance statistics), and have documentation, lots of documentation.

(also trying a different direction with updates this year, wanting to include some more details on how it works, and why I made design decisions)

Github: Book-of-Algorithms/CPUsimulator.py at master · Medic5700/Book-of-Algorithms · GitHub
Forum Link: [Devember 2021] CPU Simulating Engine (a rewrite from last Devember)
Last Years Forum Link: A CPU simulator where you program the instruction set


My project is an open source forum server that generates requested files server side in order to use as little bandwidth and javascript as possible. Kind of like discourse but as fast as possible while minimizing bloat.

Some stupid napkin math : Hamlet has a word count of 30,557. Assuming a generous 2 bytes per character with an average world length of 7 ( again, generous ) its about 427798 bytes or around 427KB. Do websites really need to send the equivalent of shakespeare’s hamlet several times over just to load up a few comments? Just this page has been at least 4MB. /rant

The main goal is to get a viable forum server I can use by around January-Feburary as I will have to setup a forum at around that time. It would be really great If I could use my own software to do that :slight_smile:.


I’m going to start a project in the spirit of Devember, but I know it won’t be finished for the devember rulings.

I want to automate deploying centreon for monitoring Linux servers.

Deploy vm from iso
See if it’s possible to automate the stuff normally done in webgui.
Automate/script adding new clients.


I don’t know if this is eligible for a Devember project since it partly involves some hardware (3D printing) but I’m doing it anyway. 'L1 Tech Deck' Devember Project
It’s a little media keypad to use when I’m listening to the L1 news and other podcasts in bed. I will also be making a custom case and keycaps including a L1 logo keycap.


I give it 60 minutes of trying before I brick the tablet.


My Devember project is a distributed web crawler. This is primarily a means for me to learn about how best to design, develop and deploy software across multiple machines.

Link to post: [Devember 2021] - Distributed Web Crawler


Nitty Gritty Gentoo Project!!

My Devember project is to create a custom Distro based on a GentooStage4 tarball, using Gentoo’s Release Engineer tool, Catalyst. I have a few concrete goals for this project:

  1. A working build chain going through all the stages (seed, stage1, stage2, stage3, stage4, livecd1, livecd2)
  2. Usable stage 4 tarball
  3. Usable liveCD that can be used to install the stage 4

Stretch Goals:

  1. Website to host the tarballs and ISOs
  2. installer saved to livecd to install Gentoo using stage4

[Devember 2021] Custom Distro using Gentoo’s Catalyst


TV Lockout mechanism

Project Link: here

TL;DR Stay on track with your fitness program or get put in the penalty box (no TV).


Trying to enhance my skills in the low-level area of things with a bit of crypto and rust learning thrown in for good measure


I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn the open source Godot game engine so I started a very simple 2D puzzle game (forum thread).

It’s neat seeing everyone’s creativity.


Tsk tsk. I’ve been naughty by creating an open source crypto wallet for Devember:


Am CS student, know a bit of Python and C. I dislike Youtube’s removal of the dislike button, so I decided to make my own.

Edit: whoops, replied to the wrong post. Oh well


My devember project is to create a server and client for listening to audiobooks with the ability to keep track of position in the audiobook across devices.


form post Linux Admin class Final Project

I am an IT student that has a final group project do for Linux Admin class.
I am hosting a server for my group to do the project easier than if we had our own VMs.
ps Yes this is lame but this is a good change to learn Linode hosting