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[Official] Car Pictures/Videos Thread


crapy phone shot


If someone can guess the correct model, You get 1000 internets


Idk, but I found something similar .


Bugatti have made a lot of cars


Have you ever woken up in a new one?




I may be there as well, didn't make it to Drift Atlanta last year with school.


Instantly thought NZ again when I saw the trees. So many FDs there, its fantastic. What a place to live if you love cars.


Stuff like that just isn't really impressive to me. Anyone with money can have it, it takes no inspiration or passion to buy the car just like anyone else would. Money should not be the deciding factor in whether a car is cool or not.


Sadly even being the country where most FD's go after japan, they are still uncommon. Would love one but 15k for a car that I cant use as a daily driver is just a bit much.


My profile picture contains it But it isn't very visible since the resolution is so low.

Here are a few hand-edited pics.


Ford Mondeo....


wow thats a nice car.
How does the 2.0 JTS engine go?
Did you had any issues with it?

I realy like the GT, i´m concidering one myself aswell.
But they are hard to get, atleast if you want a good one.

Funny that you are from the Netherlands aswell. ☺


Yeah well, the 2.0 JTS is much like an RB20DET from a Nissan Silvia (200SX, S13, S14, S15 etc.) It's only a four cilinder but there is a lot of power in there.
My specific car has about 180 horsepower on the wheels with about 300 foot pounds of torque (nM).
It pulls really well, but the first gear is kinda useless, that's how powerful the engine is, you tap the gas fully and you need to shift after one to two seconds, but this varies on the surface and conditions.

Also, it has got a very nice audio system in it.
A complete Bose 4-way stereo system with 2 fullrange speakers in the front and two in the backseats And 2 tweeters in the doorpanels.

It really is a darn good car and well worth the money.
Mine costed about 9000 euro's. But that's also because my parents use it very often and they payed half of it.

But still, I think it's well worth the money, this thing is a freaking beast :D


Sounds great, i assume you had yours chiptuned by Savali or Squadra?

Anyway, i readed about a few issues with the 2.0jts engine.
i readed that there was some kind of an problem with oil ussage, because of a problem with a valve or something like that.
Which made oil leaking into the cilinder, causing internal issues with cooked oil losing engine power.

Not sure if that issue, was only with the first models GT´s with JTS, and the second models 147 with JTS engine.

Do you know more about this?

The Alfa 159 JTS has a diffrent engine


Alfa's looks so good

I really like the 159 sportswagon's look, but the bad reputation(repairs) and little booth room, is big con :(

my next car is prob's gonna be a BMW 5 series 2005-2006 stationcar :)


The 159´s are not that bad exaly.
Just avoid the 1.9 and 2.2 jts engines, these engine have problems with the Timing Chain, and thats an expensive repair.

The 1.8 engine is an Vauxhall engine, and basicly a good one, but its a bit under powered, for such a heavy car like the 159 is, it only offers 140BHP.

The 1750TBI engine does not realy need any explenation, its the same engine as in the Giulietta QV with 240HP, its a great engine, but if you look for a specific one like this, double check, if the turbo has been replaced allready, the first turbo´s in the Giulietta QV´s where a bit weak, and Alfa Romeo has done a replacement for those, on most QV´s.
I assume that the 159 1750 TBI would have a diffrent turbo, but just double check.

The 3.2 JTS V6 is basicly fine, But unfortunatly its a GM V6 not a Busso Anymore. :(

The Diesels dont realy need an explenation, they are bullet proof.

Further the 159 does not realy have specific issues, other than regular maintain. of course the wishbone rubbers are a weak point with Alfa´s, But thats basicly a weak point, with allot more cars.

  • Boot room is indeed a bit limited.


Mine isn't chiptuned yet.
That's just because I got the car only a few months ago.

But I will let that happen in the near future >:3

The problems with the engine are pretty much zero on this engine.
But a while ago I repaired the oil pump for the clutch. That is one of the major issues with the AM GT. But it's fixed and I can drive normally again :)

The only con is mainly on the radio, it only has a CD player. No MP3 nor a bluetooth module despite the fact that it has a big ass screen with navigation system built in.
And there is no way to upgrade it....well, I have modified it with a loudlink module which allows me to play music over USB, Micro SD and bluetooth.
I can also charge my phone through the USB input.
But it is really a big hassle, you need to control that module through the numbered keys on the original radio which is CRAP.

But yeah, now I got it finally set-uo there's no problem with it whatsoever.


yeah the audio would be something i would personaly upgrade.
A nice double dinn unit from Alpine or Pioneer, with bluetooth etc etc.
If you have a GT with Bose sound, then you have good speakers.

What did you do on the engine to get it to 180HP?
Stock a GT 2.0JTS as 165HP on paper.

i allways have been in love with Alfa's, since i was a little girl.
I went to an car show with my dad in Germany, and the first car that had my attention was the Alfa 147 GTA, which was new that time. totaly in love with that one. ☺

But i realy like the GT, they are not produced anymore, so they become some kind of a collectors item.
I´m currently looking for a car my self, And the GT is definitely on that list.
Basicly i want the GT with the 3.2 V6 Busso engine, but unfortunatly it will be way to expensive to drive, and way to exepensive for insurance.

About the Nissan engine, you probably mean the SR20DE
Silvia´s / 200SX had SR20DET 4 cilinder.
Only some USA models from the Silvia / 200SX had a KA24DE also a 4 cilinder.
The RB20DET is a straight 6 engine, from the Skyline R32.


Not my car in the picture but looks exactly the same. 1984 Cadillac Eldorado