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[Official] Car Pictures/Videos Thread


How the new Alfa Romeo compares:

Car: | Giulia QV | BMW M3 | Mercedes-AMG C63 S

German price: | €90,000* | €71,800 | €84,371

Engine: | 2.9L V6T | 3.0L I6T | 4.0L V8T

Power: | 375kW | 317kW | 375kW

Torque: | 600Nm | 550Nm | 700Nm

0-100km/h: | 3.9s | 4.1s | 4.0s

Top speed: | 307km/h | 250km/h** | 250km/h**

Weight: | 1524kg | 1595kg | 1655kg

*Approx. price with performance options

**Electronically limited


Yeah the Giulia is awesome.
But a bit pricy according to this.


This is the only car that matters.

Someday I want a cord


@anarekist i´m also going to leave this here.

Tested arround the newburgh ring.


Nürburgring, Nordschleife 7:08 two years ago

7:39 was the time of the 911 turbo with stock engine, stock tyres and stock suspension back in 2010...

Toyota electric car two years ago did 7:47 with a broken suspension pretty much, with Michael Krumbach behind the wheel just like in the GT-R.

Once below 8 minutes lap time, the driver starts to make a lot of difference, more difference than the car. Some drivers are known to score better lap times in certain conditions. Some manufacturers, especially Chrysler (which is now also Fiat group), pay big bucks to reserve the entire track in those conditions, and to have cars set up especially for those drivers. For those few drivers that are super fast on the Nordschleife, it's a well paid job to help develop cars to be as fast as possible on the Nordschleife and work like 6 months or so to score a crazy good time to show off with. For the Nordschleife itself, it's also pretty lucrative that in order for a sports car to have any credibility, those cars should score well on the Nordschleife.

The Nordschleife is much heavier than most think. A lot of cars can be driven around the Nordschleife fast, but the question is... how many times before they're ready for the scrapheap lolz... a Porsche or BMW M-series is made to do that a couple of times every weekend...


Here are some pics of a new c7 zo6 i took a while ago

corvette zo6 by Tauss ., on Flickr

corvette z06 2 by Tauss ., on Flickr

corvette zo6 3 by Tauss ., on Flickr

And here is a few exotics from various meetups

IMG_2573 by Tauss ., on Flickr

mclaren p1 by Tauss ., on Flickr

sv by Tauss ., on Flickr


Nice cars.



Here are a few of my more recent pictures and edits. picked a few that fit the Halloween theme :)

p1 by Tauss ., on Flickr
orange huracan by Tauss ., on Flickr
p1 by Tauss ., on Flickr


Just bought this little beauty less than a month ago...


My ride a 2001 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. Quite the conversation piece.




Cold Snowy and several inches of snow I plowed off my drive way. I own a 2009 Ford Focus SEL (all dem features)

I just completed my 2years + of testing what kind of charger gives the best fuel economy. Might publish some of the results here. @MisteryAngel you should give me some tips in the lounge how to lay that out. and Dont judge my NON rust bucket ford :P its amazing :PPP

Here is what it looks like in the summer. It is just a lowely sedan but its got a LOT of kick under it especially when tuned and turboed LOL

Good little car. Gets fantastic gas mileage.. All leather interior and luxury stuff is very comfortable.. very good in winter as everything is heated :D


My favorite car on the autocross track with me at the wheel.
2003 Subaru WRX w/ intake, downpipe and Cobb AccessPort.

Actually this is my favorite Dream Car and I have seen it at the Hilton, but I didn't take this photo.
McLaren 650S.


I´m jelly, cause i want snow lol.
Anyways how much HP´s do you get out of that car?
Fuell economy of the Focus has allways been pretty good.


I wish I could say that about my Crown Vic. I cant even go 150 miles without needing to fill up again.


Yeah that sucks, i suppose it has an oldschool V8 in there?
I'm from Europe, and uphere its all about downsizing, which is ofc great for fuell economy, however its ofc less pure.


Depends on the charger you will see in the new thread I am making. Uhmm you know what im kicking my own ass for. I did not take any pictures LOL. Oh well model numbers and results will have to do



My work horse.


Insignia station is a good looking car.