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Odd things that come across my "desk"


Here are some pic’s of the archaic jobs that came across my desk today.

Just remember there are only happy acidents.



What is that? Compact Audio & Video tape recorder or something?

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Had a tech note recently.

Had to anon some things because reasons.



Compact not so much its a beta sp deck they are not so small. That guy is probably 2 foot by1.7 feet by 9 inches high



And thats when the department of child protective services gets involved in it matters.

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Not my department, not my concern, and based on what I’ve heard of the kids in these schools from people who go there when the kids are there, little fucker probably deserved it.

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Maybe she shouldn’t have gotten that B , Asian parents demand A



More like “student was cursing out teacher in class, while teacher ignored student and tried to teach the other students”.

Gotta love the inner city life. They’re good kids, kept down by the system right?

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Yeah I googled it later. Is it part of the beta family that sort of lost the fight against VHS?


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Yes and no in the profesional space it slaughtered VHS and went on to have multiple digital forms that still kept it relivent too today.

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I’m sure they deserved it.