Odd Network Connection Issue


I've been experiencing strange network connectivity on one of my computers recently.

Basically, the connection will just stop for a while. It doesn't disconnect, it just comes grinding to a halt. If you run a test on speedtest.net as this happens, the light just pauses in place and the needle very gradually drops, then it will "ping" back to normal speed and resume really quickly.

This issue doesn't happen on any other devices. I've tried WiFi and Ethernet via Powerline Adapter, and I get the same issue.

The PC has the TP-Link TL-WN823N USB Wireless n Adapter, and an M5A97 LE R2.0 motherboard with Realtek 1Gbps Ethernet. The router is a BT Home Hub 3, with uPnP On, Firewall on Default and No Portforwards. I've tried turning firewall on and off, as well as uPnP & uPnP Extended Security. I've also tried using Personal Hotspot on my phone, which I thought fixed the problem, but then it started to do the same thing after about 30 min.

The computer has Windows 7 installed, and Comodo Firewall.


Also, just to elaborate slightly, if you are downloading a file, the download just freezes. The estimated time stays static, same as the reported speed, but the file doesn't actually download for a while. When playing online games, it generally becomes laggy a little, but when it hits one of these moments, the game just lags out for 10+ seconds. World of Warcraft sometimes reports over 1000ms ping when this happens, before disconnecting.


Any ideas at all?

Might be your main router by the sounds of things. When did this issue start occuring?

It also might be a driver problem along side. If you have another NIC Laying around try using that to see if there is any improvement

I've had this problem myself, but on a different Linksys wifi.  I just unplug the wifi and plug it back in.  That usually works.  As for a permanent fix, I am not really sure.  It could be a power issue or a bad modem.

Just to throw it out there, disable the "allow windows to turn off this device (the USB port) to save power" for that (or all) port.