Odd HDMI sound problem w/ recording

Sometimes it works like it should and doing something like opening a terminal or highlighting something will trigger this issue, i did not have this issue till i upgraded to a 1060 3gb from my 650 ti boost
for some reason the hdmi input in the sound mixer will change with a reboot
sometimes it will work for months and after a reboot it will act up and eventually work fine
here is a recording of my issue:

this time i got it to go from working to messed up by going full screen
it happened earlier while using gimp when i highlighted some text with my mp3 playback

I have had my share of sound issues in the past, but this one is very strange

edit: went to watch a video and cool it work again, then i minimized volume control and it messed up again

This issue only seems to be present on boot, after using sleep mode all is fine
this time it also seemed to affect the responsiveness of the GUI

i started getting some really bad issues tonight and purged my nvidia drivers
the entire system was sluggish GPU and DISK i/O, my ssd was preforming at less than 1% of it speed (826MB/s; 0.02 msec was down to 100MB/s; 100.some msec)
booted into recovery mode and purged nvidia drivers
it looked like i somehow had parts of the 396 and part of the 410 driver installed

this issue is now much harder to reproduce, i think it happened one out of at least 10 boots after reinstalling the driver