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Odd fullscreen resizing problem


Hi! I’m having an issue where every time i go fullscreen from a windowed browser on something like a youtube vid it expands the window by just a few pixels in every direction… So if i do it 3-4 times the entire scroll bar is off the screen on the right side of my monitor and the window is now overlapping with whatever window i have open on the left side of my screen while the bottom of the window is going down behind the task bar?..

And when i fullscreen something like VLC i have to fullscreen it then exit and then fullscreen it again… Cause when i do the first fullscreen i can still see about 10 pixels of the desktop on either side of the video and the taskbar on the bottom…

I’ve tried googling around for anything similar but haven’t come up with anything so far… I installed a fresh version of windows about a month ago (due to my old ass ssd dying out on me) and after i downloaded all the newest updates this started happening… Id really prefer not installing windows all over again cause its been a right pain setting everything up the way i like it… So i’d appreciate any help you fellas can give me! <3

EDIT: Sorry I should’ve put my specs on here too

Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Mobo
Intel i5-6600K (not overclocked)
32GB DDR4 2666MHz Corsair Vengence RAM
MSI GTX 1080 8GB
240GB Samsung evo 850 SSD (Windows bootdrive)
Bunch of random sized HDD’s and SSD’s

Running on windows 10 Build 1809

Let me know if you need more info on my rig!


This is with Windows 10, correct?


Yeah thats right… Sorry should’ve specified!


I’ve wondered if it might be a problem with the border thickness of my windows cause its always one pixel too short of reaching the actual monitor border… So i can always see a pixel of the desktop after i snap a window to any side of the screen