Ocz - agility 3 RIP

OS drive died on my machine over the weekend, was getting odd read write speeds and then nothing...

it served me faithfully for over three years... sniff :(

i thought ssds were supposed to be balls to the wall right up until the day they died (ie without any warning indicators).


Replacement drive ordered and should arrive today.

Samsung pro 840 evo 500gb

Let the good times roll! :D

SSD's are the balls to the wall, unless it's an old OCZ with a Sandforce controller.

Yeah. Tbh I'm surprised it leasted that long. OCZ drives were crap. Enjoy the Samsung. You won't be disappointed. 

I think Toshiba's purchase of (most of) OCZ was probably the best thing to happen to OCZ in a long time. Now that have their own controller and everything.

back up and running on the samsung


..okay so I am cheating with the magician software but what the heck :D