OC'ing an FX-8350 w/ Noctua nh-c12p se14

Hey guys,

I was just looking for some help overclocking my 8350, I've never OC'd before so I am a total noob however I understand some basic principles like voltage and clocks etc. but I've never done it myself. Im running the 8350 (of course) with a Noctua nh-c12p se14 on a M5A99FX Pro-R2.0.

Seeing as i'm running air I totally get it if I simply cant do it because of heat issues, the 8350 is obviously a hot chip but it stays around 55C playing games, so i thought it would be possible.


55C during games is already almost too hot to OC with. 62C-65C is your max and that cooler isn't going to allow that large of an overclock, maybe 4.4GHz-4.5GHz with a very slight increase in stock voltage.

55C is a very rough estimate, im away from my computer at the moment so I will be able to tell you exactly what the temps are tomorrow. So, (as I am a noob) how exactly do I go about changing voltages and getting it up to 4.4/5 (sorry for being a pain, but we all have to learn somewhere)

Here is a rough guide that I used when I first OC'ed my FX-8350 with the M5A99FX Pro R2.0. The settings are slightly different and some extra overclocking features aren't there but it's ok. That's the official Asus ROG overclocking guide.


I would suggest attempting to bump up your Multiplier first to 22 at 1.4v then run Realbench from Asus in stress test mode for at least 15 minutes to test stability and heat. You can find Realbench here:


We can talk the minutiae of re-enabling the power saving features after you find a stable overclock that isn't too hot.

Check out JJs vid.

You should also go into fan expert and set a CPU fan profile to cool that thing.

My way:
For starters I check how far it goes with stock voltage so that I see whats the Prime95 temp like that. My FX-8370 does 4.4GHz and earlier FX-6100 went 4.0GHz. Temp increase is pretty insignicant few degrees, basically less than 1-year dusts. Then I actually save the setting to mobo OC profile as its pretty easy to switch back in case something happens, like summer! :D

You could even stop here, its fine.

Then I just ramp the whole thing up for something people seem to have, like 4.8 and quickly check from Prime95 hows the temp now. So its around +12-15c over the stock volts and I can figure out if its up or down now. With my current chip I went down and figured out whats the nice sweetspot for me?

Ended up leaving mine to 4.6GHz which is like +10c when Prime95 is torturing chip around 45min-1h mark and I've been running it like that 24/7 for many months.

If your already hitting 55c the first order of the day is to rework your cooling as your not gonna to able to overclock much at all. Noctua's D-14 or 15 matches up well and will allow you more headroom for overclocking. Populating all fans slots in your case is were i would start to see if you can drive down those temps. Even good cable management will help.

Alright, sorry but I god muddled, the 55C is my GPU. My CPU is around 41 when runnin GTAV max settings. So what would you guys recommend?

Update BIOS with USB stick

Turn off all power savings and turbo core
Ramp up multiplier by 1 till you wont post, but its either 4.3 or 4.4GHz so no point trying to poke 4.6's for now.
Then go Windows, open HWMonitor, and dont let either CPU temps go past 60C

Run Prime95 for like 15mins, check HWMonitor temps, and see if that Prime95 shows any errors.
Most likely it will error, so turn multiplier down by 0.5 or 1, and do the same till it works 30mins~.
Save that OC profile

Then if temps are fine like that, turn up voltage and do the same again. This time your aim most likely is just about finding that good temp sweetspot whats completely up to you.