Ocing A HD7770

So i have the powercooler hd radeon 7770

What do you guys think will be a decent oc to play games like BF4 and watch dogs at better frame rate and settings then i currently do.

I have msi afterburner and it says my 

Core clock: 1100 MHz

Memory clock: 1125 MHz

Thanks for the help :)

OCing varies from card to card.  Go online and search for what results people are getting to get a vague idea of what you can do.

A very quick overclocking guide:

Reset clocks to default.

Slowly bump up core clock and test with various games or stress tests.  Once your games start crashing/artifacting(it'll be really obvious, dw), dial it back about 5-10%.  Record the number.

Reset clocks to default.

Repeat with only memory clock.

Bump both core and memory clock to the recorded values.  Test for stability.  If not stable, add a little bit of voltage or slowly reduce the core & memory clocks until stable.

what stability test would you recomend and would loading minecraft be adequate because it's fast ?

I use minecraft as one of my tests.  However, I use forge and load up sonic ether shaders, and bump up all the settings.  I also run TF2, Thief, GMod, and other games I play.

Furmark is a good stress test.