Oc'ing a 7800gt

I received a heavily used bfg tech geforce 7800 gt today lapped its heatsinks (the previous finish was horrid) removed the crappy fan thermal paste and plastic shroud then used zip and twist ties to attach an 80mm fan to it. How do I go about oc'ing this? I' m hoping i can play fc3, san andreas and gta 3 @ 720p

can nobody help me?

MSI Afterburner, Sapphire Trixx.... Those types of software

plz expand

look up how to OC any graphics card, it's all over this site and the internet, shouldn't be any different...

OC guides are everywhere.  Here's a brief tutorial.

Get a overclocking utility, like Sapphire Trixx.

Get a GPU stress test like Furmark.

Get games or something to stress the GPU.

Move the core clock up slowly in small increments.  After each bump up in core clock, run Furmark and see if you get any artifacting(will be very obvious, dw).  Once you start getting artifacting, back down the core clock 1-2 increments.  Remember that number and record it.

Restore GPU back to default settings.

Repeat with just memory clock.  Follow instructions I wrote for the core clock.

Set the core clock to the one you recorded down earlier, and same with the memory clock.

Test with Furmark and games.  I like to run about 2-5 hours with furmark on.  I then test with games I play.  If the display driver crashes, or something happens, you can dumb down a bit on the core and memory.  You can also up the voltage just a little bit and test again.

Just be careful with the voltage.

I honestly dont see you being able to play the games you want at a reasonable fps. Why not spend $50 and get a second hand GTX 560? The performance is hugely better. You would be able to play bf3 at high 1080p. I used to run a 9600GT and it wasnt close to being able to play Crysis at a reasonable FPS and Resolution. You are just asking too much.

im not putting this in my main rig, im just slapping a few spares (2gb ddr2 pentium dual core 2.9ghz intel itx mobo and a 300w 80+ psu  to make a box for older games and movies. Do keep in mind that a 7800gt (which i discovered was factory oc'd today) pwns a geforce 210 which plays fc3 @ low just fine, as well as gta an andreas and gta 3, So I don't feel that I'm asking too much.





Is this some kind of troll post? That card is from 2005. It's almost 9 years old.

Considering your prior post history, I can't believe that this is a honest question.

If this was 2005..you'd need Coolbits. Don't suppose many people remember what that was.