[Obsolete] Need help debuging CUPS on Ubuntu 15.04


I have something that I never had before. My printer wont work, but only on certain applications. It does not print from Evince 3.14.2 and LibreOffic Writer (it does from Calc though).
Also printing texts from gedit 3.14.3 works.

I am slightly confused, as its not just not working... but only with certain programs.

I removed the printer, added it... reinstalled CUPS did not help a bit.

By now I think it happens when there is graphics on the page that I want to print, except that ubuntus testpage prints just fine as well.

The error the printer returns is "Filter failed" which tells me nothing, and google only tells me to reinstall cups, which I already did.

Hope you people here have a hint or help =)

Update: printing from Chrome (not ium) works.. even if there is graphics involved O.o i am finally realy confused :(

/var/log/cups/error_log also not realy helpfull:

D [17/Oct/2015:21:48:22 +0200] [Job 90] End of messages
D [17/Oct/2015:21:48:22 +0200] [Job 90] printer-state=3(idle)
D [17/Oct/2015:21:48:22 +0200] [Job 90] printer-state-message="Filter failed"
D [17/Oct/2015:21:48:22 +0200] [Job 90] printer-state-reasons=none