OBS and streaming on Twitch

Guys does anyone know how to simply add the ability to see the Twitch chat while streaming using OBS? I know I would have to play my game windowed that is for sure. I have watched YouTube videos on OBS and they were very helpful but I was wondering if someone could quickly help me here as I'd like to close out the night having this done. Anyone?

Update: I have come across KapChat. It seems though people are saying it doesn't work with the latest version of OBS and/or has security flaws. Any help here is greatly appreciated.

One solution would be to just open the chat in the browser, or even irc if you feel like it

I have used IRC long ago. Thing is how does that work with Twitch? I need more info.

As for opening the chat in a browser I did that and then windowed the game and it is working fine. I also just figured out that I could just pull the chat I need off the viewers screen so they would not see the chat twice. : )

You could use Chatty. But it does't integrate it into your stream.


It literally logs you in using your Twitch credentials, allowing you to view and respond in the chat. Much simpler than setting up an IRC client.

Are you wanting to see the chat while streaming, or have the users see the chat on screen?

If the latter, then streamlabs offers a CLR browser source for your chat. So you go to streamlabs, look for the twitch chat widget/addon thing, and add the URL from that to a browser source in OBS.

Main benefit of this is you don't need to worry about window capturing, chroma keying, cropping and all of that.

Main downside is you would depend on streamlabs to not be down for that to work.

I want to see the chat while streaming and be able to respond to it not only by speaking but typing also. With that said I guess I need a second monitor if I want to game in a full screen which is what I really want while following the stream. It has been quite some time since I had dual monitors but last time I did I didn't mind it and lucky it won't be two CRT monitors on a stand this time. LOL!

Thanks for sharing and I will take a look at it over the next few days.