Obective 2 Driver Causing weird hangs in the system

Wondered if anyone else who has an objective 2 amp/dac can chime in on whether they have had some weird behavior in Windows. My objective 2 causing some weird hanging issues in some programs and games namely ventrilo and certain games (dark souls being one in particular where in will just hang in windowed mode until it loads like 2 minutes later). I was going to email mayflower directly but wanted to see if anyone here had any input on maybe how to resolve this.

The only thing I could think that might resolve this in to disable all my other audio devices besides my objective 2 but then I would lose my mic in which then I wouldn't be able to talk online over voip clients.

The O2 is an amp. It doesn't interact with the pc at all. The ODAC is what you are talking about. I usually don't install any drivers for dacs and they work just fine. Try uninstalling the drivers and see what happens.

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Yeah I'm aware the O2 is the amp portion of the unit that's why I said amp/dac in the first sentence just didn't feel ilke writing it out every time I referenced it (sorry if that was a source of confusion). I was just asking specifically if anyone that has the unit has had issues like this because honestly I haven't seen anyone online. I have already tried the most obvious solutions like uninstalling the driver or disabling other audio devices etc to no avail.

I have the same amp/dac combo, but I haven't experienced any serious issues with it. It worked fine when I played DSII. I did get a weird device initiation error when I first installed Windows 10. The speaker icon in the system tray would have an X on it when I booted the system and the pop up would say that the default audio device failed to initialize or some such. This only happened when the DAC was set as the default audio device. The DAC still worked and it went away if I open the sound settings. Windows 10 does not do that anymore though, so I assume that it's been patched. I've only used Vent a couple of times but I haven't experienced any issues with it either.

I imagine that this is a problem with your default windows driver as well.

I've only extensively used mine with Windows 10 which had several sound related issues on the pre-release including my O2 just not working until a reboot. Since retail no issues.

I assume you've tried different USB ports but have you tired tried a USB 2.0 specifically as I do get some funny interactions between devices on my USB 3.0 ports.

Maybe the Windows USB composite driver (I think that's he one is uses) is corrupted and could be copied over fresh.

Thanks for the thoughts. Yeah I've had it on usb2.0 and 3.0 ports and it still has the same issues, outside of doing a new reinstall of windows I'm out of potential solutions (which I have a feeling isn't going to resolve it). My problem was only with the original Dark Souls not Dark Souls II I've had no problem with that. Ventrilo functions fine with the ODAC its just when you enter settings it will hang for like 15 seconds until it opens up. Once I reinstall I'll report back.

I guess it's just a weird hardware issue that currently doesn't have a workaround. After reinstalling windows I still have those random hangs but it doesn't happen with any other programs so it's really not a huge deal.