Obama Proposes "Cybersecurity Insurance"

Seriously Obama? Seriously?

Now the White House is trying to get control of the internet in a "sneaky" method. If they actually decide to go through with this, think of what we'll have to do to get out of the ridiculous system.

First of all, how the hell do you have insurance for the internet? It's a network of connected servers and computers dammit, not people. You can't just tell someone "okay, you got your personal information stolen. Here's $20." It doesn't work that way over the internet. The internet is free and open for a reason. Your cybersecurity is your problem, and if it gets breached, you shouldn't be paid for it.

On another note, think about what these "insurance" companies will be able to do. If they even manage to find the hacker that broke into your system, think about what they can do to his internet. First, they can tell his/her ISP and cut off his service, or put filters in place of what he/she can do. Worse, they can do the same to you to prevent you from going to ceratin websites. Say, if they find you going to hacktivist websites or groups, they could say "hey bro, you can't go to these websites in the interest of your cybersecurity."

Obviously, the threat would be much less pronounced than things like ISPs want to do, but think about insurance companies today. Now think what they could do with the Internet.

Article: http://www.engadget.com/2013/08/06/white-house-cybersecurity-insurance-market/