NZXT Phantom 530 vs NZXT H440 

Keeping both noise and cooling in mind, which is the better case?

I'm planning on upgrading my system and creating a quiet, yet cool build.


The H440 is a fantastically well-designed case. I would give it my vote of approval. I would also recommend trying to find it in black and red, as it is not the color that most of the testers got, and it fairly unknown to many. It looks amazing, and would look particularly dashing stuffed full of some AMD components (the color correspondence, and all that.)

Depending on how crazy you wanne go with your cooling. The Phantom 530 has more options to offer, on watercooling.

Also the the phantom has 5¼ bays, which the 440 lacks of.

Aside from bay reservoirs, I cannot think of any particularly good reason why someone would need 5.25" bays.

The similarity in price brings me back to the fact that the H440 is designed with sound deadening in mind, and features copious amounts of high-density neoprene-like foam. It also features room enough for whatever water cooling solution you could possibly need.

The 440 has a bigger, cooler window.....seriously though, I like the 440 because it looks more pro. I cant say much about it though, I own the 230

Both cases are good choices in the end, its just a personal taste thing. ☺

Fan Controller, NZXT HUE controller. 

Well, What do you look for in a case?

Do you value clean aesthetics like the Fractal design Define or Arc series, NZXT H440, Corsair Obsidian series,  etc..

Or do you like abstract looking cases like the corsair carbide series, NZXT Phantom, Cm Storm, CM HAF,  etc...

Do you want absolute silence but with a sacrifice of airflow?: Fractal Design Define, NZXT H440, Corsair 550d etc..

Do want to overclock like crazy and need a lot of airflow to keep everything cool? : Corsair Air 540, Cooler Master Haf series, CM Storm series, Corsair Graphite series.  etc..

Do you want a good middleground between silence and airflow? : NZXT Phantoms, Corsair C70, Fractal Design Arc series etc...

Do you want a watercooling loop?  Corsair 450D, Corsair 750D, NZXT Switch 810, Fractal DesignArc XL.  Cooler Master HAF X.  etc..

Which one of these fits your needs best?


Some of us do still use 5.25 bays. I'm one of the very few people still buying CDs. Lol.

Hey, I need somewhere to put my Bigfoot.

Actually it's cooling performance is quite bad. Sure enough places to dump a fan but all behind closed panels which makes for a bad cooling and noisy case and considering it's a noise reduction case they just failed to produce it.

I literally today finished a build with a 440 (red/black) for my brother and it both looks fantastic, feels fantastic and it really quiet too.

In the end it is all up to what you personally prefer, but I can easily recommend the 440.