NZXT Kraken x62 vs Corsair H115i thoughts

So I have had a h115i for about a year and a half just replaced it when the pump failed last night. When it was working it was keeping at load my Ryzen 7 1700 at approximately 70 degrees Celsius.

I was thinking about getting the Noctua NH D15S, which would keep it as cool if not cooler than a AIO. But what was on the website wasn’t on the box and I would have needed to purchase a bracket for it from their website. So that was out of the question unless I went a few days without a computer.

So I decided to purchase a NZXT brand asetek cooler instead of Corsair this time around. I had a h80 OG, and the pump on that failed and rmaed it and got a replacement and that pump too failed. So I got a h115i and that also failed. My NZXT keeps my cpu at load around 62 degrees Celsius.

So the NZXT is nearly 10 degrees cooler while looking sleeker. One thing I thought of to explain the discrepancy between the two AIOs, is that I mounted the Kraken to the front of my chassis and the H115i to the top. Anyways, I am happy with the Kraken so far and am wanting to just say I don’t think it is worth the premium of being 20 to 30 dollars more than the corsair offering. However, I heard somewhere it uses a custom pcb whereas corsair uses the asetek one. This might justify the premium price?

This is almost certainly why you’re getting lower temperatures now, as the radiator is getting the coolest air possible instead of pulling GPU-warmed air from the case internally.

I ran an H100iV2 for a while and it worked very well, but replaced with a custom loop.

I would suspect the PCB is part of the cost. Are you using CAM to control fan curves, and if so, have they quit their datamining strategy yet?