NZXT h440 help

Hello, I watch a lot of Logan's videos and he said this forum is the way to go if you have any questions.

I am going to be building a system SOON and I am getting the nzxt h440 as a case, it comes with 4 fans (3 intake, 1 outtake) I am buying three more fans and will be putting them on the top of the case, should they be intake or outake?

Also I was wondering if the case would be overly hot becouse of me air cooling.

What kind of specs are you looking at?

I have the h440 so just ask me anything, I'm using it as a NAS atm. To be honest the fans are fine the way they are, if you get an aio water cooler just mount that up in the top, there is plenty of space up there. If you are set on getting those 3 fans I would use them as outtake.

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I (personally) would say outtake with the top fans. However, I'll let others chime in. :O)

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I have 3 intake and 3 exhaust. You have 3 140mm in the front that push plenty of air into the case, and personally I like to have an equal amount if not more intake than exhaust. I only see need of putting 2 on top because the third is basically choked, and is really only there if you have a 360 rad. I'm air cooling as well and my temps are more than adequate.

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Cpu- fx 8350
Cooler- hyper 212 EVO
Ram- Kingston hyper x 1866 (8 gigs)
Gpu- r9 280x
Psu- Corsair 750 bronze 80+

(Also I am a YouTuber so if anything could be changed for the better*particularly the GPU* let me know

Ok will do thanks so much!

That's exactly what I was thinking!

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Not getting an aio water cooler, I plan on putting the hyper 212 EVO on the fx 8350. Another thing that would be helpful since you have the case, my graphics cars is going to be about 3mm too big, how easy is it to remove a hard drive bay to fit the GPU?

super easy, you just unscrew the sleds. If you take all of the sleds out you can use the entire front of the case, there isnt any cross sections or anything.

Thanks so much!