NZXT H1: PCIe Gen3 Riser Card with PCIe Gen4 components (MB/GPU)

Hi there,
I am considering a NZXT H1 for my next build. That case comes with a PCIe Gen3 Riser Card. I heard Wendell mention that he had trouble with riser cards/cable with PCIe Gen4. Now I wonder if there are known problems using a Gen3 cable/card with a Gen4 Mainboard and GPU. I guess Wendells problems occured with storage, and since GPU don’t make use of Gen4 bandwith, I hope Gen3 riser cable will be sufficient. But I just want to be sure that the system works and there are no “sideeffects”…


I will follow this thread, because I bought the Define 7 chassi just a week ago, and it has a riser, but since it’s a Gen3 and I am going to buy a Gen4 RX6800TX GPU, it’s for me a big question also if It’s going to be a problem or not. "/

This is the best source when it comes to PCIe riser cables and PCIe Gen. 4:

The tl;dr to me is: if you’re going to use a PCIe Gen. 4 device on a Gen. 4 slot set it up into PCIe Gen. 3 mode first to avoid any issue.

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