NZXT Create AIO Water Cooler bracket for GPUs

I dont see that it should be an issue with the GTX 780 classified at all. Majority of the card is cooler anyways.


Sorry for late reply. 

No it doesn't need to be water cooled. Mine peak at around 75c with a pretty hefty overclock and MSI's twinfrozr cooler, so temps are pretty manageable. It's more for the wow factor than anything.

Linus just did a video on this. Looks pretty nice. 

Man if it didn't cost $30 to ship to Canada I would've bought one already.

Don't think a revision is needed, at our school we hooked up one of these to an overclocked R9 290 and it never ran over 50 degrees celcius, and that was in a quite warm room filled with runnng computers.

It's great, no update required really.

I need one of these. The ACX cooler on my EVGA card is the loudest part in my build.

The next batch will be here sometime in late January. This initial batch is all gone.

This should make everyone happy.

Preorders going up for the second batch... GET IT NOW OR YOU MAY LOSE OUT!!!!

The first pre order sold out in DAYS.