NZXT Create AIO Water Cooler bracket for GPUs


I am not sure if everyone already knows this or not, but NZXT just announced this new product:

"The Kraken G10 is designed to finally bring high performance cost-effective cooling to the GPU by incorporating existing all-in-one liquid cooling technology to a majority of the video cards, regardless of chipset or manufacturer."

This Kracken G10 is a basically the real retail version of the bracket's 'Dwood' has been making and selling for a long time now.

Anyone interested in this product? I decided a few months ago that I would use a closed loop water cooler on my GPU when I buy a new one that is worth spending the time modding. This product would make it look much cleaner and more like a finished product.

Your thoughts?


One of these and an X40 hooked up to a R9 290X or a GTX 780Ti. You wouldn't need to upgrade again.

More info on this 


i wounder what the warranty on something like this would be or better still how long it is expected to last?

one of these and a Corsair H50 for less than a water block? If it has decent performance I might give it a shot.

I really wish they would update or revise this for when i buy 290x..


Amazing except the R9 280, 7970, and 7950 are not compatible and they are very common cards now., Well the above comment says they are but the website link does not...

I will definitely get one if they are, put an h110 on my 7950. awe yeah.  

It's just a bracket, it should last forever. The fan could die I guess, but the fan seems pointless anyway as most custom water cooling loops don't have a fan beside the water block. 

2 year warranty. Covers the Bracket and fan. 


Does not cover your video card at all. 

Most custom loops, are full coverage water blocks. This is only covering the GPU chip, thus a reason for the fan. The fan cools down the VRAM. 

If you read what I have posted above, yes it is compatible with those cards. 


Check out this link. I mounted the bracket to a 7970 card.

If you read what I said, I did read your post :) But thanks for the confirmation I will definitely get one, maybe 2! They will probably be in all my future builds. 

But then how does a heatsink-less fan compete with a water-block over the VRAM?

No 660 compatibility? Son I am disappoint.

Does a 660 really need to be watercooled?  My old 660 never got above 66 celcius, and it was using a reference cooler.  Not criticizing, just wondering.

I wonder if it will support an EVGA GTX 780 Classified. Being such a large card I have my doubts but I dont want to run the risk of shorting my system. Reason why I only really look at aio systems. that and the price...

it doesn't, unless you take into account price and simplicity

Would a corsair h110 for example be able to mount on this bracket? I know NZXT and corsair are competitors but I would prefer mounting a corsair AIO cooler due to the slightly better performing rads (You have to understand its nothing against the Krakens) Also how many slots does it take up? Understand it takes up 2 "Slots" but the combined size? Could you fit 2 GPU's side by side like you can with stock coolers?

I have a Phantom 820 so space is not an issue.

OK cool thanks, one last thing this is one of the thing's that has kind of pushed me away from AIO's and just going custom. if the pump on the kraken or the fan breaks on the g10 and it's past warranty can i pay to have it sent back to nzxt and pay to have it fixed? vs having to go out and buy a new bracket and or kraken?

also is the fan on the g10 changeable?

It does work with a 660.