NYC uses facial recognition to solve the theft of beer

NYC denies using facial recognition…except that they do. Even for the theft of beer from a CVS.
What won’t they do to suppress dissent then?


Also fuck Fox. Here is the original article:

Plot twist: It was actually Woody Harrelson. Media will not report on the failure of facial recognition.

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2019-08-10 Facial Recognition: Congrats to L1T leader for starting a new futuristic trend concerning resistance to facial recognition with the use of a mask! Suggest L1T start a regular Resistance Day with the use of outrageous hats, masks, sunglasses, fake scars, fake hair, gorilla or super glue! Maybe this could snowball to a National Holiday. Items including eye patches could be illuminated with some with types of LED or laser ie visible, uv, or IR to confuse video cameras.
Resistance is NOT futile.

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