NVMe power consumption. Stick to single drive or go 2x? ZFS tunables/RAMdisk

Ordered a new laptop with two NVMe slots (no problem replacing them) from Tuxedo. Expected to ship in a week or two, but I’m already planning stuff.
I wasn’t quite sure how much power the NVMe drives need in normal laptop operation. I know they have the highest wattage of all storage drives.

I went with 1x500GB Samsung 980 for now . I can probably tell ZFS to only write to disk once every few minutes to minimize drive activity or setup everything as a RAM disk (32G), but…

…is this really worth it? Because if NVMe power is negligible and even two drives don’t have a meaningful impact on battery life, I’ll just get a second drive, call it a day and am happy.

any power tuners out there with some NVMe experience?

edit: Bonus question to Linux veterans:

Can I expect suspend to ram/disk to work properly, so I only have to reboot for important kernel updates? Don’t want to lose my ARC if avoidable.

NVMe is Up to 5 W power draw per drive, not insignificant but not bad either.