Nvidia X server settings file reverts after reboot

Hello again,

I have downloaded the latest nvidia driver from the repository that Wendell used. I changed my settings to 144hz and 1080p where it worked fine, I also saved this configuration file. But when I reboot I lose all my settings.

I have run nvidia x server as sudo and still no results.

How do I get my settings to stay after a reboot.

Run nvidia-settings --load-config-only and see if that works. It tells nvidia-settings to load the current configuration (~/.nvidia-settings.rc), apply, and exit.

This is a terminal command then? sudo nvidia-settings --load-config-only

I type this in and I get no confirmation that anything has happened.

That's what it's supposed to do. You create your settings using nvidia-settings, save the .rc file, and then place nvidia-settings --load-config-only into your ~./xinitrc file.

There is no way to make the settings permanent without doing it in this fashion.