Nvidia VR Craphouse VS Me

I went on steam and downloaded this pile of steaming green waste. It SAYS unsupported GPU but I saw Unrealengines symbol pop up in my taskbar.

So I went looking for a way to make this piece of wasted time worth anything.
Attempt 1) Searchterms: make R9 Fury look like 970 to software; Result: %
Attempt 2) Look for something obvious in the files, like "Accept AMD = false" or "Allow Nvidia only = true"
Attempt 3) Remove the folder called "NVIDIA" from file system, RESULT:

Well, I guess I am on the right way! Unrealengine crashing is better than "unsupported GPU, contact blablabla"

Attempt 4) I put that NVIDIA Folder back in place. Found some file that says "Compat" on it. It is empty. Filled it with random words (wrote 'true' into it). Got nowhere with that.
Attempt 4b) Found some fonts while looking through the folders. I think I will keep some.
Attempt 5) Found some UnrealEngine component-ish thing to install. Let me see if that gets me anywhere..... NOPE!
I am a little amused about the fact that "NVIDIA" is to be found in the same folder as some folder that says "OpenVR" on it. Having Oculus next to them makes me throw up.
Attempt 6) Ask the community!

Maybe someone has some idea. I mean, how hard can it be?
I will go write my review on Steam now. Read here if you like. It is very much rant and butthurt because this is a pain in the arse!

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I think they are using this game as an experiment to archive VR capabilities through their own graphic cards without emulating features like A-sync. Not sure.

I think Nvidia pulled a dick-move and is getting away with it as AMD-users can not do anything right now.

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Just because it uses the Unreal engine doesn't mean it's just Unreal. Nvidia's VR Funhouse uses VRWorks Graphics, VRWorks Audio, and VRWorks Physx. It's all Nvidia proprietary stuff. Might also include that single pass rendering stuff they talked about.


You are exactly correct. The game is built out of all NVIDIA proprietary technologies. What is truly insidious is that NVIDIA is claiming that the game is "open source." The game is only open source to the point in which the proprietary APIs are involved. Then it becomes closed source. This makes it impossible for the VR Funhouse to ever be "ported" to AMD graphics cards.

Calling the VR Funhouse "open source" is truly a slap in the face for the open source community. AMD has been a huge supporter of open source community. Most of AMD's technologies are open source and they are working hard on the open source graphics stack on Linux. It seems to me that NVIDIA is trying to look good in the media without really putting the effort.

NVIDIA's products may run faster, but their business practices prove to me that they don't really care about the gamers.

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take that open code and gut it and then AMD will run as shitty as a 980

AMD's Polaris GPUs so far are below a 980 anyways, unless you OC an aftermarket RX 480 to hell.

20FPS less in Vulkan for 160€ less.
Seems fair to me.

the joke went over your head.