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NVIDIA To Officially Support VESA Adaptive Sync (FreeSync) Under “G-Sync Compatible” Branding



I think I understand what you are saying because that was my problem at first my 1070 was running the demo too fast to test Gsync. The demo has a slider where you can “Simulate” a slower system frame rate down to 60, 50, 40 fps.!/g-sync


I really want to see someone independently verify it now that it is know what monitor it was.

And what a link. CoolStuff


Ideally it wouldn’t tear either, but I can live with that. Black flickering, not so much.


Which brings up.

If black flickering is such a problem for Freesync, why do we not hear about it constantly with help posts all over the tech forums and reddit.


Because there is such things as low frame rate compensation in AMD GPUs… That’s why…
And it’s not that difficult. Just tell your GPU to save the last frame it rendered.

But it’s Nvidia we are talking here… They are fucking up a standard specification of Display Port open standard…


Yes, LFC handles that. I explained it in detail earlier in the thread.


My point was it’s Nvidia.
The company, that up until the 20 series didn’t have full DX12 support. So I really wouldn’t be surprised if they blame their incompetence on the standard.
After all they invented variable refresh rate…


TureAudio is not a complete flop, though, they have an implementation that works on any OpenCL hardware, and it is incorporated into the Steam Audio SDK. So game devs could use it if they wanted to.


Yeah, gonna have to disagree with you there dog, as no games have used it since 2014.

TrueAudio Next, as integrated into Steam Audio, is a separate thing. It’s unclear how many games are using that API either, there aren’t any lists.


I have a 980ti so I’ll let you know


Level1 HiveMind Research Group




@SoulFallen go download the latest drivers and turn on freesync


So FreeSync works on your card? I too have a 980ti


At the moment it is, yes
with a Microboard M340CLZ


Meanwhile I am searching for the damn installer I put on cold storage (read as labeld DVD) somewhere.


That’s awesome news!! Thanks for testing it.
It would be good to start a list of unsupported cards that work with FreeSync monitors


eh hold the phone here I restarted my computer and its back

I asked soulfallen though because he has pascal but the same monitor


Need to use Nvidia pendulem demo? This demo os bugged for other reasons


I used pendulum and windmill, both got tearing after I restarted. I think the statement of it only being Turing and Pascal accurate, hopefully it will go back further since Maxwell is already gsync compatible


Working on 1070 Max Q on a 2018 Razer 15". Monitor is a Massdrop Vast 35" ultrawide. This should be nicer, although I don’t play a lot of games on it since work decided it only needed a 256GB SSD :roll_eyes: