Nvidia Surround or Single Monitor?

So I'm currently in the market for a new monitor, and I'm not sure if I should go for three 1920x1080 monitors for Nvidia surround or a single really nice IPS panel with a resolution of 2560x1440.

I was going to go for the IPS panel, and I was planning on getting the Dell Ultrasharp U2711. The only problem is I saw the U2711 at Fry's Electronics, and I was not at all impressed with the color accuracy. Dell put an anti glare coating on the screen, and it completely greys out the colors. I don't really see the point in getting an IPS panel that's supposed to be amazing for color reproduction if the manufacturer is just going to ruin it with an overly aggressive anti glare coating.

After that unsatisfactory experience, it was back to the drawing board for me. I did a little research and I came across a new IPS panel called the Nixeus Vue NX-VUE27. It has the same ports as the U2711 as well as the same resolution, and it's an IPS panel. The only difference seems to be that it doesn't have an anti glare coating.

So what do you guys think? Should I get one of these:


Or three of these:


Also, let me know if you guys know of any store that might carry the Nixeus, so I can go check it out in person.

If you guys have any other monitor recommendations, especially for a 2560x1440 IPS panel, then definitely let me know.

Why not do both? You can get 3 cheap korean IPS displays on ebay for $825 shipped. Even if you ran them at 1080p in surround for the meantime, that gives you the option to do full 2560x1440x3 surround/crossfire when faster and cheaper GPUs become availible. 

I've heard that that particular panel, no matter $800 Dell configuration or sub $300 Yamakazi/Achevia/Crossover configuration, is questionable in terms of response time and more importantly, ghosting/blurring during large amounts of movement such as scrolling in a moba. When I tried out one of these things the first thing I noticed was that it was quite a bit blurrier during intense motion than my generic AOC 24 inch.

Step down the IPS a bit and then add 2 cheaper IPS panels to it, it's the best of both worlds for the budget concious and you really won't noticed it that much as you don't focus on the side monitors heavily while gaming in surround and on the desktop it's w/e

Well I'm positive that my cards won't be able to handle a resolution of 7680x1440. I would need to be running four cards even if they were GTX 680s or 7970s. Even then, I'm not sure how great the framerates would be, and getting three ultra high resolution monitors to run them in 1080p just completely defeats the purpose. Not to mention it would look like shit if I wasn't running their native resolutions.

Scraps, I'm not sure what you mean.

It's either going to come down to a single ultra high resolution IPS panel or three 1080p LED backlit monitors. I'm not going to do any funky configurations where I'm not running the monitors at their native resolution.

Why do so many people like 3 Monitors? One awesome monitor is better than 3 ok ones is better IMO.

It's nice for multitasking, and you get a really large field of view in games.

I want to wait until we have curved monitors that do the same thing. It'd be cool!

I think Alienware made one of those a while back. I don't know what the resolution was though.

I guess, I just always focus on a game if I need to and will pause it for a few min anyways if Im gonna send an email or internet browse anways. But thats why we get options as gamers. Everyone has a choice. I have a MacBook Pro (I know the devil to everyone on here) and with AirPlay I play games on my 42" TV and fuckin love it.

Yeah, I think I'm just going to go with the IPS panel. I just hope it's as good as people say it is. I'm going to be keeping my current monitor anyway, so I'll just use that for some multitasking. It's nice to be able to tweak things in skype, winamp, or look something up while I'm playing a game or watching a movie.

I think I might need to buy a wall mount for the 24" I have right now though...unless I put my computer on the ground instead of my desk...maybe that would work but I'm not sure. I think I'd just rather buy a wall mount though.

True with the Skype deal. I think you will enjoy how good the picture will be, and the HP monitor you posted looks so nice I want one lol. Hope you like it!

i am totally for the 3 monitors but are u sure your graphics cards can handle it i saw logans latest video on the gtx 680 review and it could barely handle 3 monitors in sli

I love both these choices and actually considered them myself but all i have is a 670 4gb :( and i dont theink it could handle 3 monitors on bf3

Well I have two 3GB MSI GTX 580 Xtreme Editions in SLI. That's a lot more horsepower and memory than a single GTX 680. I did a little research a while ago, and it looks like people with similar configurations were getting around 45FPS in Battlefield 3 with Nvidia Surround. Even if I did run into framerate issues, I figure turning off Anti-aliasing would fix that.

I think I'm just going to go with the IPS panel though just because of space issues, and I wouldn't have to worry about framerate issues anytime soon. Not to mention that I'm still going to have my current 24" hooked up just for multi-tasking.

wow those cards are truly beasts, i know they dont make these cards anymore but how much did u pay for each one?

Lol, probably too much money. They were $600 each when I bought them, and I'm regretting that I didn't just go all out and water cool everything with some EVGA Hydro Coppers instead. I'll probably end up water cooling them in the end anyway though after I upgrade my monitor and save a little more money.