Nvidia-smi and power calculations

Hi All,

Got a quick question I’d love to get some feedback on. So work was kind enough to get me a couple of new Quadros for my deep learning rig. This makes 4 on a 1600W PSU. I did some research and wrote a bash script and set up a systemd service to limit the power draw on the cards. Everything in this regard works fine. My question is this: if I look a max_power in nvidia-smi I’m to assume that this is for the card only (not fans), so what assumptions can I make about power draw from the fans themselves.

According to the specs total TDP for each card is 295W, which I take to mean max power draw for the fans is 35W. But if I limit power draw on the cards, say to 200W, does the max power of the fans scale in proportion—for example, 200/260 = 76.9% * 35W = 26.9 W? Or is there some power curve I can reference to do such a calculation? Could I then factor something like this into calculating any additional “power down” overhead? I guess I’m trying to figure out a smart way to build in a margin.

Appreciate any and all help! Thank y’all much.

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