Nvidia Shield K1, DirectStylus 2 support

I want a shield k1 for gaming but I also want it, as a Uni student, to make notes in lectures. How supported is the directstylus 2 on the K1 compared with the older model as I read it does have features like palm detection and lasso selection.

Is this true? and does this mean that when I am trying to take notes on it my palm will be making marks on the tablet while I am making notes which would be pretty annoying.

Many Thanks,

They've really ditched the DirectStylus as a thing, by getting rid of the slot. I don't think it'll have the same palm rejection, because it won't know when you're using the stylus.

Even on the older version, support wasn't the best. Because it's not an active stylus, the tracking isn't the best. Typing was easier than writing on it.