Nvidia Shadowplay only recording mic in left channel

Hey, I have a Tascam us-1800 interface (I record drums) and recently I bought an evga 770, I absolutely love the Shadowplay software but don't want to be limited by my crappy webcam/microphone combo which sounds absolutely no where near as good as my T.bone sc-300 condenser mic (it's cheap, I know, but it does the job).

Now, I figured out how to record from the tbone in shadowplay by making it the default recording device, now only one problem stands in my way which is that anything recorded using this is recorded only to the left speaker which is a tad annoying since I want to start a youtube channel to do in my spare time.

Can anyone help me make it so the sound records to both channels, and i will pay you £0.10 through paypal.

Are you using line-in, or microphone port? pink or blue?

I'm definitely using line in, have an XLR going from the mic to the audio interface with the input in 'line in' mode which is going out of the interface via usb.

Did you try using microphone? I believe Microphone is mono, so it should disperse the audio evenly between the two channels.

I am such a moron.... I've just realised that I need an xlr to quarter inch jack because the line in/ guitar settings only apply to them haha, I'll try and find one and see if it works.

I've managed to find another microphone that goes straight into 1/4 inch to test it but I can't seem to get it to output into windows when I plug into another input, the only input I get signal from when I turn up the gain  is channel 1... damn it.
And even if I did have an xlr to  1/4 inch that wouldn't work because it's a condenser microphone which needs phantom power.

Any other ideas? I'm starting to run out, besides buying a new microphone that uses a usb connection haha