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Nvidia RTX 20XX Thread


These are very curious questions, and I wonder if Nvidia isn’t setting themselves up to abandon RTX as-needed by maintaining the GTX branding alongside (well, below) the new card designation.

This would be an easy way out if ray tracing flops in the real world.


the previous generation was doing skeumorphism a decade and a half too late.

the current design has clean, simple lines, with a bold profile and a functional take on embellishment.

this is exactly what the RGB transformer aesthetic evokes. saturday morning cartoons and CGI youtuber intros.

Real Power is understated.


We can agree to disagree; it’s obvious our tastes differ in this regard.


The GTX will be announced later as it’s own low & mid to mid-high range of cards.


I thought GTX were the below-2070 cards?

I will admit to not paying much attention.


We don’t know for sure.
Leaks point to the 60 series and below being branded GTX and presumably lacking the ray tracing hardware


Defective chips? :thinking:


I blame the public education system and the pervasiveness of marketing in the modern age.


I often don’t feel smart enough to contribute to non-lounge threads because I literally have no idea what any of the shit does, I just know it makes my games go.

BUT I would like to remind people of the Ryzen launch when we had multiple threads churning leak rumours and it was honestly not that helpful or informative to read, so I would advise anyone who feels like posting what that one dude on Twitter heard from a bathroom stall next to the cousin of the secretary who knows the mail guy at Nvidia who got drunk that one time and said _____

please try not to. We really just are interested in credible sources.


I would theororize it’s going to be identical in scale to games that are gameworks titles. No game maker is going to go out of their way to support this stuff without Nvidia just giving it to them.

This generation screams we need a new way to grab excessive amounts of money because the titan move isn’t working well enough for a monopoly like us. The presentation lacked any real substance it’s all here look how special these are at doing random off the wall shit no real solid across the board improvements but we will have to wait to see that in the wild. The naming scheme indicates they’re meant for high end guys such as myself but the presentation couldn’t have left me feel more alienated as a high end gamer. It’s technological fluff aimed at not gaming.


probably just a small die sku, defective dies go to the odd number cards.


Perhaps though I doubt it.

Probably separately manufactured GPUs. The ones with the extra goodies are quite large. Even cut down it wouldn’t make sense to use them.



I will be away from the forum for the night, please keep my thread tidy in the meantime. :slight_smile:


Oh, definitely. They’ve missed the mark with these cards, if that’s what they were going for. In a weird purgatory between understated and industrial.


I hope you dropped this: /s

Because that’s a lot of assumptions about me :smirk:

I’ll probably just go play a game :joy:



Industrial is understated, function over form.

When you think supercomputer, does your imagination wander to featureless black monoliths labelled with a few small blue letters, or does it immediately go to a cyan and purple mess of pipes and oversaturated lighting?


Umm. Is this really necessary? Seems to be clogging the thread. Take it to le lounge


Can we introduce a new paradigm?

That being “cutting edge” or “experimental”? I want something that looks like a mad scientist built it to see if it could be done.


we’re discussing the industrial design of the 20xx cards. Totally on topic.


That’s more a casemodder aesthetic because it has a much more narrow appeal.

Doesn’t mean it’s a bad one, just that it probably won’t happen in the mainstream, especially not from the 1st parties